Prepare To Be Transported To Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Bliss With KESHI's New EP ‘Bandaids’

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Posted at April 04, 2020

Every so often we come across ridiculously talented artists who have kept themselves under the radar, that we couldn't help but be proud of ourselves. Such is the case for singer-songwriter-producer Keshi who kept us in a hazy trance the first time we got to listen to his music. Now, the Asian-American musician delivers a fresh batch of lo-fi hip-hop tunes in his latest EP bandaids.

Released on March 24, bandaids is a record that capitalizes on raw emotion. "Less Of You" opens the project with his melancholic brand of production while "Alright" showcases his honest songwriting.

A few days before bandaid landed online, Keshi dropped the self-directed music video for the lead single "Blue." Speaking to MYX VJ Dani, he shared how "it's really important for [him] to have a strong grasp on the vision."

Courtesy: keshi

Keshi provided more laidback tunes in the last two tracks—"Right Here" and the title track "Bandaids"—after having his listeners lose their minds on the previous ones. Stream bandaids in its entirety below:

Based on data available on Spotify, Quezon City ranked fifth in the top cities that stream Keshi's music with 43,400 listeners. When asked about how he felt that his music has reached the other side of the world, he said, "It is the most validating thing in the whole wide world. I hope that’s okay for me to kind of admit that. It has really blown me away. Like, I still do make music in my own house and everything, and the fact that songs from a Houston, Texas kid reaches the ends of Europe and Asia is just mind-blowing to me. I can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true. Literally. My dreams came true."

And if you're wondering if he has plans to visit Manila anytime soon, he said, "Of course, I would love to. At the moment, there aren’t any plans, but you know that I have to go over there and try the food and see the fans and experience the city." We'll hold you to that, Keshi.

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