#ChalkGetsReal: What Virginity Means to Me

#ChalkGetsReal: What Virginity Means to Me

Madel Asuncion

Posted at March 18, 2020


As we celebrate Women's Month this March, one of the things that we want to put the spotlight on is breaking the stigma against women's expression of their sexuality. Why is it a big deal whether or not girls are having sex? Moreover, why can't we talk about it more? Perhaps, the concept of "virginity" has something to do with it. There are many opinions about "losing" or "preserving" it, but, really, is a woman's sexual awakening as black and white as that?

In the latest episode of #ChalkGetsReal, we ask girls who are in their early 20s about their stand on the concept of virginity, what it means to them, and why being open about sex is crucial.

Video produced by Deiniel Cuvin
Video edited by Sam Aniciete

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