When is It Time to Let Your Friends Meet Your S.O.?

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 19, 2020

To see your significant other and your friends get along well is such a huge milestone, but it's not an easy feat. Though it's only natural to hope for the best, it's also sometimes inevitable to be anxious. What if the squad ended up not liking them? What if they embarrass me with my past and most-kept secrets? What if they don't hit if off? We can't deny both parties' reactions can take a toll in your relationship.

It's one thing to have your S.O meet your parents, and it's another thing to have them meet your social circle. Both, surely, are big steps to take and will make them officially part of your world. But if you ask us, we'll say meeting with friends is a lot more worrying because they're more open naggers and honest critics. They don't hold back so if you're thinking to getting them together, remember that timing is everything. Take these factors into account:

1. You already know each other well. Make sure you've learned enough about your partner especially their personality traits, likes and dislikes. That much you can tell if they and your pals can get in sync and be friends, as well.

2. You've talked about them with your friends for quite some time now. Definitely, during one of your get-togethers, you've either bragged about your S.O. with them. If you have reached that point, then you'll know from how they react if they, too, are ready to meet them. Take note: do not ambush your friends because that's not a very welcoming scenario for both parties!

3. You're serious about your S.O. The stability of your relationship is an important thing to be considered. We're sure you don't want your friends to meet one fling after another. It's always better to introduce someone that you can see staying in your life in the long run.

4. You're S.O. is ready. You can't decide by yourself and pressure them to meet your squad just because you want to. Consult your partner and see to it that you're on the same page. This kind of moments is what will test your bond. What matters is that you come out stronger together whatever decision you two end up with.

Checking off these things could be your best bet to avoid disaster and instead achieve a guaranteed smooth introduction between your S.O. and your friends. There may be jitters or awkwardness at first, but once everyone has warmed up to each other, we're sure that your favorite people in the world will get along just fine!

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