These DonBelle Fan Edits are Making Us Thirst for More Real-Life Moments

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 19, 2020

It's been over a couple of months since it was announced that Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano are teaming up for new iWant romance He's Into Her. Yet, we haven't gotten updates apart from few storycon photos and behind-the-scene contents from Director Chad Vidanes (thank you, Sir!) And well, there's also that "Bubbly" duet moment that happened from the time Belle came to support the premiere of Donny's film James and Pat and Dave where we obviously felt the spark.

So how do you expect us to not long for more? Good thing, the rising loveteam dubbed as DonBelle has already found themselves talented fans who have been feeding us with almost realistic edits of the two! All those are what gets us by while we wait impatiently for DonBelle to bless our screens. Only your mutuals really know what can tickle you best, agree? Let's see what their dedication can do in the gallery above!

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WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


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