Here's Some Good News to Appease Your COVID-19 Woes

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 17, 2020

"New COVID-19 cases confirmed." "Death toll rises." "Cities close borders." "Provinces declare state of calamity." We can no longer count how many times we woke up to this kind of news, and it's already taking a heavy toll on us. Regrettably, this pandemic brings not only physical but also our mental health at risk.

So what's left for us to do when negativity gets to too much to handle? It's your choice: You can just succumb and accept that it's bound to happen, or you can try to get the better of it and look for a silver lining in the midst of it all. There sure is something positive to hear, and it's enough to keep us holding on to hope that we will survive this crisis together. Here are some of them:

1. Wuhan closed coronavirus hospitals. During the peak of COVID-19, the stricken province of China where the virus allegedly originated established 16 makeshift hospitals to accommodate patients. But all of it recently wrapped up operations as the final batch of cases officially got discharged.

2. Number of infected in Korea has dropped. It could be said that the situation in Korea, among countries most hit by the coronavirus, is improving as their daily confirmed cases made double digit fall for the first time in more than 20 days. 

3. Macau became COVID-free. It's at least is true for over a month. Early March, the region's 10th case has recovered, giving Macau zero coronavirus patients and zero deaths. However, just early today, officials confirmed one new positive case, but considering how they successfully handled the first 10, there's a big chance that they'll overcome it again.

4. There are no infected Filipinos in Italy. There has been a sudden surge of cases in Italy with death tolls now exceeding 1800. But gratefully, there's no reported Filipino in the list. For now, our countrymen are doing their best to keep a calm head while they are placed under total lockdown.

5. Food businesses are providing assistance. Many organizations around the world are making concerted efforts to pay off the hard work of those people in the front line. In the Philippines, perhaps the best example is this local restaurant, Kanto Freestyle, which offered free meals in support of health workers. If that ain't a spirit of Bayanihan, we don't know what is!

6. Local government units are taking action. It is in times like this that we seek the presence of the government. And well, besides the community quarantine measure from national unit, LGUs are also taking control in their own jurisdiction like in Pasig where they turned over disinfecting kits and other equipment to improve the city checkpoints.

7. The citizens are also doing their own initiatives. Not everyone could be doing the same thing, but it's fair we acknowledge how some people are striving to follow rules, from commuters stepping down of vehicles for their temperature to be checked to PUV operators adjusting their passenger limit based on social distancing policy.

8. Experts havbe further research on COVID-19 and are making excellent progress. In fact, in India, doctors have cured patients using a combination of medicines for treating flu, malaria, and HIV. Though it's too early to conclude anything, it's noteworthy that people are responding well to it. Israel, on the other hand, begins coronavirus vaccine trials, but officials caution that validation will take more than a year.

9. There are people who have recovered. It cannot be compared to the global amount of people who have contracted the virus, but it's worth taking note that the recovery is largely greater than the death rate (67,000 and 4,600, respectively as of March 13th.) The Philippines currently has recovered only two patients. But that's still hope right there, yes?

Looking on the bright side doesn't mean we're dodging reality and it's definitely not a ground for complacency. It's just us balancing our positive and negative news intake, while we find ourselves reasons to hang in there and believe that the world will eventually get better.

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