8 Reasons Why You Should Start Binge-Watching "Itaewon Class" Now

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 12, 2020

If you know me well, then you won't have a problem thinking where else would I be when I'm not answering your phone calls or private messages. The answer is simple: I'm in front of my iPad binge-watching Korean dramas. Yep, in plural form, as I literally juggle between two or more shows. I can't help it, they are all too good for later.

But for weeks now since I finished Crash Landing On You and Dr. Romantic 2 (which BTW are both must-watch, too!) I've been completely focused on one hella great series, Itaewon Class. Sure, you've heard of it as it's been all over your Netflix homepage. It tells the story of ex-convict Park Saeroyi, played by none other than our ult oppa Park Seo Joon, who strives to establish his bar and be the best in the food industry. Except that there's more to the plot than meets the eye, and it's not being talked about enough. Hence, I'm here. 

I break down the reasons why Itaewon Class is also eligible of your time and attention (and obsession) below:

1. DanBam squad

First things first, friendship is a favorite theme among K-drama fans, and for that reason alone, I'm pretty positive that you'll love Itaewon Class. It features Saeroyi and the crew of his DanBam restobar Jo Yiseo, Ma Hyunyi, Choi Seungkwon, Kim Toni, and Jang Geunsoo, a rare combination of people whose bond sweetly blossoms along the way.
















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2. Strong female characters

We're tired of seeing female protagonist being protected by male opposites A.K.A. their knight in shining armor. And well, consider Itaewon Class a win for us with its roster of fearless female characters including quick-witted Yiseo, upright Hyunyi, independent Oh Soo-A, and confident Kang Minjung. They really are the queens we should stan!
















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3. Yiseo's fashion

Kim Dami who plays DanBam manager Yiseo boasts stylish outfits every episode. From her leather jackets to her furry coats, we can't think of any piece that she have worn so far that didn't suit her and her unique role well. Have we mentioned her sunglasses and hairstyle? We just want to steal 'em and pull it off as badass as she does!
















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4. Soundtrack

Itaewon Class is also packed with OSTs that are as good as the series itself. Our personal pick? The "Start" by South Korean soloist Gaho which is perfect for most of the show's victorious scenes and cliffhangers. And to make it even better, did you know that BTS' V has written a song entitled "Sweet Night" for the drama? It'll be released this March 13th. Guess that's what friends are for, right Taehyung and Seo Joon?

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5. Jangga Group (of villains)

The show's villains definitely make an infinitely enough reason for you watch it. There is Jang Geunwon, son of Jangga company's CEO Jang Daehee, both going all out to make Saeroyi's life miserable and both are doing a good job in convincing us to hate them. We can't wait to see how their downfall is going to happen. Sorry not sorry!
















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6. Real issues

You need to see Itaewon Class for it addresses relevant social issues such as LGBTQ, racism, discrimination, and even the problematic social hierarchy, and consequently raises awareness and promotes acceptance. This drama deserve to be credited on headlines for changing the game.
















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7. Love story

If there's one thing that K-dramas do better than anything else, it's making our hearts flutter with a romantic storyline and a couple with an incredibly effective chemistry onscreen. In Itaewon Class' case, it's honestly hard to predict who will end up together, with Saeroyi having feelings for Soo-A and Yiseo having feelings for Saeroyi. Still, we don't want to lie and say we'll be good with anything when the truth is, we're rooting for Yiseo. Get it, girl!
















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8.  Three words: Park Seo Joon.

For all those who have been a fan of Seo Joon since his debut (from Dream High 2 to What's Wrong With Secretary Kim,) this series is the one for you. We can't say much anymore as the name already says it all. Other than that, it's extremely impossible to imagine a Park Seo Joon-starred series not being worth a watch, because that's not going to happen!
















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Now, we ask: What's not to love about Itaewon Class? All of the reasons above point to nothing. We don't think you need to give it a lot of thought before hitting the play button on Netflix. Believe us, once you do, you'll never want to stop. Highly recommended!

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