5 Reasons Why Sarah Geronimo Is Our Very Own Girl Power Icon

5 Reasons Why Sarah Geronimo Is Our Very Own Girl Power Icon

Almira Blancada

Posted at March 09, 2020

With all the challenges that we ladies experience, it's nice to know that we never stopped being a community of supportive and empowering people. This is not only seen IRL, but also in the showbiz industry as well! As we celebrate Women's Month, we want to show our appreciation to one of the best girl power icons that our generation has—the Sarah Geronimo! 

We first saw this popstar royalty in 2002 after winning the television singing contest Star for a Night. While we already knew that she's bound to be a superstar, what we did not expect was the amount of achievements that she's going to accomplish as well as the longevity she'll sustain throughout her career! But it's not just her goal-orientedness that make her a true icon. Here, we list down all of Sarah G.'s qualities that make her a true symbol of femme power!

1. She always gives an electrifying performance.

Ever since she started showing us her superb singing and dance skills on stage, there are no words that have been enough to describe Sarah's performances! Every concert she had were successful because it always showcased her ability to be a multifaceted artist. We believe we would never see someone as good as her locally, and that's how powerful as a performer she is!

2. She inspires other girls to be confident.

The way she presents herself onstage did not only entertain viewers, but also young girls who are inspired by her journey and want to follow her footsteps someday! Serving as a motivation to aspiring girls has always been her goal. She even released a song entitled "Perfectly Imperfect" which is about accepting and loving your flaws and not letting other people's opinions get to you! 

3. She fights for what is right.

Whenever we hear Sarah's name, the first thing that comes to mind is that she's one of the most responsible celebrities in the showbiz industry. She's sweet and cheerful, and you can't say anything about her because she has all the good qualities a genuinely kind person has. While this is true, Sarah also knows when to draw the line when someone is already taking her kindness for granted, particularly if it's affecting the people that she loves.


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4. She does not let the issues get to her. 

We all know the struggle that Sarah has been going through in terms of her relationship with her family. Without a doubt, it can get overwhelming. But here she is, never giving up and moving forward with the love of her life and now-hubby Matteo Guidicelli by her side. Her fearlessness proves to us how strong she is mentally and emotionally, and that's something we truly aspire to have!


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5. She worked hard to be where she is right now. 

We all know the story of where Sarah started and how she worked hard to become one of the most thriving female artists in Asia. But what we admire most about her is the fact that she stayed humble and generous despite the tremendous success she has gotten, which makes her a good influence to everyone around and watching her. 


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As she starts this new chapter ahead of her as a wife, we know that she won't change; she will still be the kindest, sweetest, and most genuine artist that this industry has ever seen. And this is why she's more than a Pop Princess. Sarah Geronimo is our kind of modern heroine, and that's why we stan!

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