4 Pants Hacks We Found on YouTube

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 11, 2020

Buying clothes is a common struggle for us, even for pro fashion gurus and avid shophalics. Between the matter of price tag and the size availability, we all definitely could relate. You might say the financial aspect we could solve through proper budgeting, which is true, but how about the second one? Do we settle with what's on hand regardless if it's too big or too small? Or do we adjust our diet?

Every option mentioned will do but why sacrifice your love for food when there's another ways to work things out. That's what YouTube is here for. The platform is filled with style hacks that can save us from our outfit emergencies which are so simple that we can do it ourselves - no money-spending required! The most helpful ones we found so far are related with our everyday basic fit - the jeans. Here are some of them: 

1. Downsizing. You bought a stylish pair of pants that are way too loose on your waist and you don't have the time to bring it to the tailor for alteration nor the knowledge to sew. Then all you need are scissors, elastics, and safety pins. You'll be surprised at how sleeker your pants look afterwards.

Courtesy: Tia McIntosh 

2. Upsizing. The trick to preserving your favorite pants that you've already outgrown might require an extra effort from you. If you got old track pants, a flowy skirt, or even another denim piece then you're good to go. Guaranteed you'll be killing two birds in your closet with one stone.

Courtesy: BlueprintDIY

3. Distressing. Jeans never go out of style, but, at times, it'll seem like they do. When that inevitable feeling hits you, fret not because there's definitely something you can do about it. How about we give our boring jeans an upgrade through some nice rips or holes? See, you don't really have to throw everything away.

Courtesy: Rachelleea 

4. Cuffing. It turns out, you can get yourself a more fashion-forward pair of pants without needle and thread at all. Just wear it and make playful folding adjustments depending on the style you're pulling off, footwear you're sporting, and most even your height. There's a perfect cuff match for everyone!

Courtesy: Athanaelle Paul

If you want to dress stylish in tight budget and schedule, then we suggest you keep that space in your wardrobe instead for your old and never-worn jeans. It's still worth giving them a second chance!

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