20 Female K-Drama Characters We Stan For Their Empowered Roles

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 12, 2020

We can all agree that K-dramas appeal to us for they never get short of buzz-worthy and best-looking oppas. But it's also hard to look away from the equally gorgeous actresses who stand out not only for their pretty faces but also for their fearless energy. They are that part of our Korean drama obsession that leaves us feeling inspired to have power over our fate.

Definitely, there's at least one character in every series that is an exact epitome of how we want to be as women: a confident one who will not be persuaded by outside judgements and will withstand anything to achieve a dream like a strong, independent living person. In the gallery above, we put together all female K-drama heroines who need no death-defying stunts to prove how badass they are in fighting their own battles onscreen. Check them out!

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