#ChalkAsks: 18-Year-Olds Share What "Girl Power" Means to Them

#ChalkAsks: 18-Year-Olds Share What "Girl Power" Means to Them

Almira Blancada

Posted at March 06, 2020

As we celebrate Women's Month this March, we surely won't let the chance to aggressively emphasize "girl power" pass us by. Unfortunately, even if there's already an existing law on women's rights, girls still experience unfair treatment in many aspects of their lives. That's why knowing that we are (slowly, but surely) working on being given equal access to opportunities and the right to be heard, then we are never going to stop until we completely get it. 

But we want to know how did fighting for what we truly deserve has impacted the younger generation of today. What does female empowerment mean to them now? Here, we talked to 18-year-old girls to know the struggles they face being a woman, and how these experiences build their meaning of "girl power" at their age!

"Growing up, I was always labeled as someone who belongs in the kitchen or as someone who is supposed to sit still and look pretty. I know for a fact that these are wrong. Girls can be whoever they want to be. That's why for me, Girl Power means everything a girl says or does to empower other girls and to show the rest of the world what girls are capable of doing." - Jian

"I want the society to change their perception towards women, how they think ladies are supposed to act a certain way, and how we are seen as just women. Which we aren't, women are way more than just a gender given at birth. And in recognizing the independence, confidence, and significance of every womanthat's what girl power means to me." - Corazon

"I believe that girl power is about supporting each other because no one can take care of us and understand the problems we face as a girl better than our fellow females. We stand up for our rights, because we are all in this together!" - Alysa

"For me, girl power means encouraging other girls by making them feel that they have someone who's always there for them, who understands what they are going through, not judge their choices and decisions they make in life, and stand up against the stereotype that society has implanted in our minds." - Yzellah

"I am a woman in all the ways that I feel and in all the ways that I simply am. I could not have been born any other way, so the fact that I get to be one is so special. And with this thought, I also notice the limitations that people tend to set on me by my gender, so there's power when women decide to help other women. That's why understanding that empowerment looks different for every person, and respecting that, I am exhibiting girl power in my way." - Estelle

"As a young girl, I was never on par with other girls. They say that it's because I was too boyish, that's why no one relates to me. But girls are not puppets, and life is not a game of pretending. The term 'girl power' has been used in different settings with different contexts, but to me, it means rising to those who discriminate and manifesting the desire to do what we want the way we want with no regrets." - Christine

" Being courageous and 'extra' in every single thing that I do is what I love about being a girl, so I want to help other girls to feel the same way, too, even if it's just by simply encouraging them to do and wear anything that they want. Girl power for me means that I can be who I want to be regardless of standards. It means that I can be brave and proud enough to show the world that I am my own self." - Meryl

At the end of the day, girl power does not only mean fighting for what's rightfully yours, but it's also about working hard, taking care of yourself, and supporting other girls. And knowing that the new generation is aware of that proves that we don't lack power. The secrets to conquering the world is right in our hands. So go ahead, and be fearlessly you, girl!

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