What It's Like to Be the Social Media Officer of the President of Our Company

What It's Like to Be the Social Media Officer of the President of Our Company

Almira Blancada

Posted at March 03, 2020

Learning how social media works is a no-brainer, that's why most of us already know Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram like the back of our hands. But when it becomes an actual job, the whole game changes. From recognizing and understanding your audience to researching how each platform differs from the other and analyzing insights, these are the tasks you should learn to be good at if you want to take this track.

Mastering a certain level of social media knowledge to be able to do it professionally can be tricky. So we took the time to talk to someone who can give us a rundown of what it's like to have a career in that kind of industry. 22-year-old Rhovin Maglaqui currently works as the Social Media Officer of the President of Creative Programs Inc. under ABS-CBN Corporation and the Executive Director of Bantay Bata 163, Ernie Lopez. He has been working for him since the beginning of the year, but has been a part of ABS-CBN for a few years now. 


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While his position as a Social Media Officer technically revolves around handling social media accounts, Rhovin also has a lot of other job responsibilities. "From joining Sir Ernie with his shoots for G Diaries, taking photos and videos to conceptualize content, my day is usually hectic, yet it's very productive. We started his inspiring video series called Kuya Ernie Says, and we are planning to produce other concepts in the coming days."


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But for a more detailed view of his day-to-day schedule at the office, Rhovin shares, "Whenever I'm at the office, I usually open Facebook and Instagram for monitoring the analytics and other updates about the page, and that's also when I think of content concepts that I will post online. Afterward, I gather photos and videos that I got from previous events, edit them, and have Sir Ernie check them before posting."

This job is all about being creative and staying on top of online trends, so you should be able to come up with sharply written and engaging content on the spot every day, which can get overwhelming. But for him, having this kind of position makes him thankful for the challenge. "In having the chance to visit a lot of places in the country, meeting and encountering a lot of people, and learning a lot from them, I get to experience life at its fullest. With Sir Ernie, you’ll learn a lot."

Although it has not been long since he started working for Sir Ernie, there's already a lot of things that make it a fun experience. "Sir Ernie is not your typical boss because he does not tell me to do this and that. He lets me do my tasks quietly, which makes his team comfortable around him. He may be a Lopez, but he never treated us differently, because everyone in the network is his family. And a single topic would lead to a discussion involving politics, business, family, values, and faith. Plus, he always loves giving his team a good laugh with his jokes!"

If you're feeling intimidated of working with such a prolific boss, these are the things that Rhovin advises, "Through being a Social Media Officer of a Company President, I learned how to be more patient and understanding, especially with dealing with people on the internet. You must also be ready because you will do a lot of things that you never thought of doing. " That's why to learn its purpose is to have fun because, honestly, that's all that matters! Also, you're way ahead of the career ladder if you climb with passion, so go forth, young blood!

And if you can, kindly follow Sir Ernie Lopez's social media accounts on Instagram and on Facebook to see how Rhovin does his work! 

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