4 Young Visual Artists Who Have Recently Caught Our Eye

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 28, 2020

There are two kinds of people in the world when it comes to art appreciation: Those who do and those who don't. Most of the individuals who fall in the "don't" category think that art is impractical or too complicated to understand. But from an art lover's standpoint, though, they believe we, people, need not to dig into its exact picture because it's actually meant for open interpretation and, clearly, as it is, for aesthetic admiration.

If you ask us, we'll say we're part of the latter team. We appreciate arts subjectively by the pleasure of just looking at it and for its therapeutic power. And thanks to Wanderland Festival's Wanderartist competition this year, our appreciation of arts recently upgraded because of a few visual artists we've come to know, who, besides drawing impressive details, send valuable messages through their creative workings. Check out who they are below!

1. Amiel Rivera

This young artist uses her platform to call for action against atrocities and to keep the country's soveriegnty in line. She also presents Philippine traditional identities in her works, even more proving her patriotism. In 2018, Amiel became a delegate at ASEAN Youth Camp in Thailand.
















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2. Wika Nadera

There's also a recognizable Filipino identity in the paintings of this UP Diliman pride. His recent "Maaraw sa Ilalim ng Basketbol Kort" creation depicts the resourcefulness of Filipinos and signature spirit of camarederie. He took home the Silver Medal at the Asian Kids Art Competition at 15 during the 17th Asian Games.
















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3. Alagad ng Sining

The artworks of this illustrator are distinctly impressive. By holding true to his love for plants, Alagad Ng Sining sends words of awareness on pollution and rallies movement to care for plants properly and promote a greener environment. He also collaborates with Museo Clothing to expands use of his crafts.

4. Faith de Leos

Portraiture is a traditional form of art, but this young traveler's work gives off an interesting, dreamy vibe. She has her way of drawing in-depth human faces and playing soft and cool hues. Adding other elements, Faith is capable of building mystery in her works, hence, opening room for imagination.
















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These emerging visual artists truly are changing the landscape of art appreciation in today's generation. Back to back with music, you can witness them champion live arts at the Wanderland Music Arts and Festival on March 7 and 8, at the Filinvest City Events Grounds in Alabang! See you there, artsy peeps!
















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