Hyun Bin's K-Drama Glow Up Proves He's Always Been 'God's Gift To Women'

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 28, 2020

No doubt, Hyun Bin has been stealing the scene from younger actors in the K-drama land. Just ask anyone who have watched his latest project Crash Landing On You. It's been a week since the drama aired its finale episode, but the easy smouldering looks and innocent charm of Hyun Bin, who played North Korean soldier Jeong Hyeok, still live on in our heads. We should've known better than to underestimate the impact of this 37-year-old oppa.

CLOY just reminded us how much we love him since he rose to stardom way back in the 2005 series My Name is Kim Sam Soon. And if you've seen him there, then you'll know how much Hyun Bin doesn't seem to have aged for the past decade. Allow us to put it out there: Hyun Bin is another level of gorgeous. We bet even those who don't know him have once stopped scrolling their feed just to check out a post about this man. We're fans, and we did so many times.

Now, if he still haven't earned the 'Ultimate Oppa' title in your life, we'd like to do the honor of helping you with a gallery of his K-drama glow up above. Guaranteed you'll later thank God for having his favorites in the form of Hyun Bin!

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