#ChalkTurns20: Here are our Favorite Kilig Moments Through the Years!

#ChalkTurns20: Here are our Favorite Kilig Moments Through the Years!

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 28, 2020

After all the success we accomplished since 2000, we want you guys to join us in continuing our celebration for our 20th anniversary! Here, we chose to end February with a toothache courtesy of the sweetest moments throughout Chalk's two-decade existence. 

From JoshLia sharing their love story in front of the camera to MayWard teasing each other as they guess each other's body parts and all the couple covers in between, here's a rundown of the moments that brought you kilig courtesy of Chalk!

1. #LoveHard: Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto Tell Us Their Love Story

When we released this video, it instantly became viral because of JoshLia's heart-warming love story!

2. LizQuen and JaDine April 2016 Issue

With the two biggest love teams of the industry coming together for a magazine cover, you know it's about to give us double kilig!

3. #ChalkChallenge: Maymay Entrata & Edward Play 'Guess The Body Part'

Without a doubt, our kilig intensified while watching MayWard guess each other's body parts!

4. #ChalkLovesLouDre April 2016 

We can still remember how Lou and Andre captured our hearts during the shoot, their chemistry is out of this world! 

5. #ChalkChallenge: BF/GF tag with Blaster Silonga and Crystal Jobli

This is the video where we found out more about one of the cutest and coolest couples Blaster and Crystal! 

6. Alyssa Valdez and Kiefer Ravena November 2015 Issue

The fact that this was Alyssa and Kiefer's first magazine cover together gives us major butterflies!

7. #ChalkChallenge: 7-Second Challenge With Liza Soberano And Enrique Gil

There's nothing more adorable than seeing LizQuen tease each other which shows how comfortable they've gotten in their relationship.

8. #ChalkLovesMarNigo September 2018

This musically-inclined tandem is making our hearts wonder when we'll see them again together.

9. #LoveHard: HaMu Shares Each Side Of Their Love Story

When design duo Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki shared their campus love story, we couldn't help but relate so hard!

10.  KathNiel April-May 2017 Issue

As we welcomed the digital era of Chalk, we ended the print era with a bang as the country's most popular love team and real-life couple Kathryn and Daniel graced our final cover. What an honor!

11. #ChalkChallenge: Never Have I Ever With Solenn And Nico Bolzico

For some dose of good ol' humor, in SosBolz we trust.

12. #ChalkLovesKathrynAndAlden August 2019 

This breakout tandem surely got us saying, "Hello, Love" without the "Goodbye!"

13. ​Lou Yanong & Andre Brouilette Share Both Sides of Their Love Story | #ChalkGetsReal

You can see in the video how they genuinely love each other, and that's already enough for our LouDre hearts!

14. #ChalkLovesMayWard December 2017

We're sure that after you saw this picture, you started wishing for a guy to look at you the way Edward looks at MayMay! Plus, this was our first digital cover, making it extra memorable!

15. #ChalkChallenge: Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual Create The MarNigo Playlist

Admit it, you started listening to MarNigo's playlist after they shared it on this video!

16. McLisse February-March 2017 Issue

Even if they have different on-screen partners now, McLisse will always have a special place in our hearts.

17. #ChalkGetsReal | Gabbi Garcia & Khalil Ramos Share Both Sides of Their Love Story

We all deserve a relationship like GabLil where you can grow individually and together!

18. JaDine November 2014 Issue

We are so here for James and Nadine's retro vibe in this cover! 

19. #ChalkLovesJoshLia June 2018 

Remembering how sweet these two are, we couldn't help but miss them together!

20. #ChalkLovesKarJon February 2020

Karina and Aljon prove that they're the next big tandem that the industry should look out for in our prom special!


Yup! 20 years later, your favorite campus platform is still here and giving you all the kilig feels you deserve. Who else do you want to see next on our pages?

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