5 "P.S. I Still Love You" Book Details That We Wish We Saw in the Film

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 26, 2020

If you know me, you can practically tell that I fell head over heels for the first movie adaptation of Jenny Han's romance novel To All The Boys I've Loved Before. And ever since its 2018 release, I had been hungry for a sequel. But then it actually came out and, this is just my opinion, I seem to be unsatisfied. The second movie, PS: I Still Love You felt so rushed.

I know I shouldn't bother expecting for it to be overly faithful to everything that's in the book given the time constraint of film production. However, there are some points that could have played out for the audience - mostly those who didn't read the book - to better understand why Lara Jean (and most of us) are torn between Team Peter and Team John Ambrose in the first place. Here are the significant deets I hope have made it in the movie:

1. In the book, Lara Jean and Peter K's first date was going to the movie together and stopping by Peter's favorite place, Biscuit Soul Food, but the movie set it instead in a lavish fine dining restaurant. This definitely is a far depiction of their relationship which was supposed to be romantically relaxed, creative, and realistic. But, okay, we adore the lantern scene TBH.

2. The movie cut out the part where Lara Jean and John Ambrose actually exchanged letters. Yep, LJ did respond to McClaren's letter before they reunited in town. It could have proven how good, beautiful, and sweet he is, and how he always knew the right words to say. Then you'll probably not blame LJ for being indecisive. In all honesty, the movie didn't make it feel like he's a real competition to Peter.

3. The necklace Peter Kavinsky gave to Lara Jean on Valentine's Day was a pretty important detail. It was unfair that the movie left out the part that Peter secretly bought the locket while they were still in their "fake" relationship because he knew that LJ wanted it. So, yes, despite the plagiarized poem, Peter really did exert effort in his own ways and that should count.

4. Disappointingly, the film didn't walk us through the connection of Peter K and his ex Gen. It didn't showcase how many times Peter ran back to Gen whenever and wherever - but it's true that it's all because Gen's family is falling apart. Still, as someone who has a girlfriend, he should have known better. And as viewers, everyone could have acknowledged that our "dream boyfriend" Peter K has his flaws, too.

5. By the time they became official in the book, Lara Jean and Peter K decided to create a new contract because it's LJ's first relationship, and she felt weird about it. It's where they promised to always tell each other the truth and promised not to break each other's heart. But for some reason, the movie didn't include it and it feels like it lessened the personality of their relationship. It's how they started after all.

There were so many remarkable book scenes I missed in the PS: I Still Love You movie, the Assassin game at the treehouse for instance, but these perhaps are just what I thought could have strengthened the movie's impact and, dare I say, do the characters better justice. Nevertheless, I still love it, though. Team LJ, for sure!

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