5 Reasons Why We're All Obsessed With 'Adorable Home' Right Now

5 Reasons Why We're All Obsessed With 'Adorable Home' Right Now

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 27, 2020


A simulation game app launched by HyperBeard, Adorable Home was released last January 8, and has been giving its users a relaxing experience as they furnish their virtual home with a loving partner and tons of cats! Us Filipinos are huge fans of the game and even recently made the hashtag #AdorableHomePH trend on Twitter because they couldn't stop sharing screenshots of their furnished homes. This game is so fun that even celebrity couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos shared how much they love it! 

While the popularity of Adorable Home is becoming a viral thing on social media, some of you guys might still be hesitating give in to this app. Here, we're convincing you to finally join the adorable bandwagon because why not?

1. You can build your dream house.

One of the best things about playing Adorable Home is because we can live in our dream home! While other simulation games offer elaborate tools to build you dream house, this app lets you enjoy quite a simple aesthetic. We realize that you really don't need much to have a virtual home that you'd love to spend some virtual time in! PS. We can't wait for the bathroom update!

2. You can change the theme.

If you love the idea of curating according to a theme, then you would see Adorable Home as an absolute treat. Once you have enough love to buy a ton of furniture, you could redecorate your home whenever you like and even take the weather as inspo!

3. You can have as many pets as you want.

If you're a serial pet lover, perhaps the best part of this game is being able to take care of numerous pets! From taking care of them to receiving love back when you do so, it's definitely rewarding to the feeling! What's more fun about it is that you can have any pet, even a bear, which would lovingly sit in your lap and cuddle you! 

4. You won't feel single.

In choosing the character that technically runs the house, they also let you choose a partner, whom you can spend time with, prep lunch for, and lovingly wait for until they come home from work. There's a lot of players who love this feature because, according to them, at least they're not single in the game!

5. You're able to imagine living with your partner.

Whether it's not encourage by our family, you're still saving enough money, or you're in a long-distance relationship, most of us are not in the stage of our lives yet where we're happily living with our partner. So through our Adorable Home characters, we get to experience this, and it just warms our hearts! 

Yup, you might argue that this game is just all hype, we do believe that the uncomplicated aspect of Adorable Home is what truly made it such a hit! As we wait for further updates that HyperBeard plans bless us with, may we all live as calm and serene as our characters do in Adorable Home!

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