6 Times SB19 Gave Justice to K-Pop Covers

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 26, 2020

K-pop isn't a phenomenon you can take for nothing. So many reasons are there to be part of its growing circle, and on top of it are the overflowing talent, high quality music, and smashing performances that the members of the scene we call idols exude. Those are enough to be the topic of discussion even among non-fans and, most often than not, be an inescapable beat to get them moving. Count your friends who haven't tapped their feet to a K-pop hit or two all their lives, and we bet you'd get a zero.

As a matter of fact, even today's biggest P-pop idol group SB19 isn't denying its impact. It's no secret that they were formed with K-pop serving as their model figure, so just like any other fan and aspiring artist, they started out by doing covers of Korean dance anthems. And like what we've said before, this five-piece Filipino act really has what it takes to be as globally renowned as those from South Korea. Here are some of SB19's K-pop covers to prove our claim:

1. "Bang Bang Bang" and "Fantastic Baby" by Bigbang

SB19 recently made an impression on VIPs (A.KA. the fans of Bigbang) after their powerful live performances of the K-pop legends' chart-topping hits. They really did get it right!

Courtesy: Kapamilya Trending

2. "Boy With Luv" and "IDOL" by BTS

Songs by global superstars BTS are a favorite pick for people doing dance covers. But you can't stop us from loving and being biased towards the quintet's version. It's that good!

Courtesy: Kimchi City

3. "Love Scenario" by iKON

One more thing that we can speak highly of SB19 are their vocals, which we believe that their take on iKON's captivating 2018 track can confirm. We need more!

Courtesy: Lovely라부리

4. "Shine" by Pentagon

There ain't no better way to earn a K-pop fan's approval than stability and synchronization. Kudos to SB19 for pulling both off in their Pentagon cover. No doubt, they'll get to shine brighter!

Courtesy: Shine Bright SB19

5. "Ddu-du Ddu-du" by Blackpink

SB19 can do it all. They can dance to girl group songs as well. Let's talk about members Justin and Stell slaying this "Ddu-du Ddu-du" cover. BLINKS can't help but stan!

Courtesy: SB19 Official

6. "Yes or Yes" by TWICE

Did someone say "duality?" Well, SB19 heard you loud and clear as they dress up as girl group TWICE and channel their cutesy sides with a "Yes or Yes" performance. Priceless!

Courtesy: Myla Gunday

SB19 performing their original music on stage is definitely a must-watch, but we won't lie and say that we're not waiting for their next K-pop cover, 'cause we totally are. Most especially since we know how much they always give it justice. Which song do you want to see them do soon?

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