6 K-Drama Second Lead Couples We Can't Get Enough Of

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 23, 2020

Every obsession always starts from somewhere and our fascination with Korean dramas? Where else but from its romantic setup. Whether it’s their central plot or not, we’re pretty much doomed. Like duh, we doubt there’s hardly a human being in this world that doesn’t like a good love story every now and then. Call us the biggest romantic, but we couldn’t care less.

From the main couples’ undeniable chemistry and relatable narrative, K-dramas really bring a different level of romance. But once in a while, we find ourselves more hooked with the show’s second lead couple, who, if not always, gets entangled between forbidden love and unfortunate endings, leaving us almost always in tears. Here are some of our faves that we can’t get enough of:

1. Sun Hee and Grim Reaper from Goblin

We always talk about how in love, there’s always the perfect timing. Well, this pairing can’t relate. From meeting in their past life to Sun Hee being reincarnated and King Wang Yeo paying for his sins as a Grim Reaper, this couple has nothing coming their way. And considering how much they love and cry for each other, it’s just too much not to see them have a happy ending.

2. Myeong Joo and Dae Young from Descendants of the Sun

First Lieutenant Myeong Joo wants no one but Master Sergeant Dae Young to fight for her even if it means going against her father who is a Special Forces commander and thinks Dae Young isn’t good enough for her. But the heart wants what it wants, right? Victory is ours when Dae Young finds it in him to stand up for his true love.

3. Soo Yeon and Ban Ryu from Hwarang

These two have nothing in common. One is sweet, while the other is cold. But falling for each other changes everything for the two regardless if Soo Yeon’s brother is Ban Ryu’s biggest rival. Soo Yeon’s love managed to turn Ban Ryu into the sweetest man we’ve all come to love. Wouldn’t it be better if we get to see more from this tandem?

4. Pil Suk and Jason from Dream High

The drama came out nine years ago but we’ve never really been able to move past the chemistry of Pil Suk and Jason. They basically taught us that love does not judge. Even before losing weight, Jason saw Pil Suk as herself and we think that’s beautiful. 

5. Bo Na and Chan Young from The Heirs

Chan Young is not the most affectionate boyfriend but we all know that he definitely is loyal to Lee Bo Na. Their personalities balanced the relationship and we have to give credit to Chan Young who knows when to meet Lee Bo Na’s effort halfway. Remember that paintball scene? Iconically romantic. 

6. Seo Dan and Seung Jung from Crash Landing On You

Ignoring this couple is simply unacceptable. CLOY is a series about sweet star-crossed lovers and that involves Seo Dan and Seung Jun.  We can’t just forget Seo Dan crying for her man who loves her more than his own life. They were meant to be together. They (and we) don’t deserve this heartbreak

Obviously, some of these second lead couples didn’t end up the way we hoped they would, but here’s to hoping for a sequel where they can continue to pull at our heartstrings, and maybe get a chance for a happier ending. 

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