Student-Friendly Beauty Brands You Should Check Out

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 20, 2020



Most people associate having a flawless face with high-end skincare and makeup brands. That's why some students get discouraged with starting their beauty journey since they don't have enough money to splurge on skincare and makeup products. However, what will work on your face does not depend on the amount you spend.

There are a ton of budget-friendly brands that gives the same effect as the popular yet expensive brands celebrities and beauty vloggers use, and here we will share with you some of our favorites that are high-quality, affordable, and perf for every student out there. Take a peep of our picks! 

1. Skinpotions

When it comes to cute packaging, Skinpotions is one of the best! Being quite popular with the Gen Zs, this brand is perfect for students since they offer organic skincare and makeup products at wallet-friendly prices. Our favorite is the Tomato Serum, which has been our go-to product when we want to smoothen our skin.


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2. Squad Cosmetics

If you follow a ton of beauty gurus on YouTube, we're sure that you have heard about this local makeup brand that just launched last year. From their P199 pigmented eyeshadow palette to their P99 liquid eyeliner, Squad Cosmetics is high-quality, easy to use, and budget-friendly. We highly recommended this to students who are just about to start exploring what they put on their faces! 


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3. Hello Gorgeous

Another beauty brand that takes their packaging game to a whole new level with whimsical-looking products, Hello Gorgeous embodies their brand name with their naturally handmade products that work magic on every modern woman’s skin. Curious to try their products? We suggest trying out the Rose Face Mist (P120), a light spray that can moisturize and prep your skin for makeup.


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4. Unicorn Dream PH

If you're looking for a lip and cheek tint that's budget-friendly and long-lasting, then you should check out Unicorn Dream PH! Their Unicorn Dream Ink will only cost you P100 and you will spontaneously achieve that Korean gradient lip. 


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5. Detail Makeover

We all love a local cruelty-free brand and Detail Makeover fits right in our list. Apart from being affordable, this makeup brand has easy-to-blend products with convenient packaging that makes it easy to bring anywhere! For students who want just want to have one palette in their kit, we suggest trying the Detail Makeover Ecru Squad Palette that has 15 creamy and pigmented shades that you can use every day.


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6. Pink Sugar

This year, we are all here for beauty brands that present itself as premium, paraben-free, and won’t break the bank! Pink Sugar’s range of beauty products will surely help students starting with makeup to discover their own unique look. Those that want a more polished look may try the Lil Secret foundation, one of the best-sellers of the brand that provides full coverage minus the cake.


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