7 Ways to Score the Perfect Prom Dress

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 18, 2020


One of the most unforgettable experiences that a student could ever have in high school is prom. It's that one night where they have an excuse to glam up and look like royalty. And any prom-goer can attest that half of the fun of prom season is finding the dress of your dreams!

There's no such thing as starting to look for your dress too early. Once you start looking now, you will have a broader set of options ahead of you. With that in mind, we have put together a simple guide on where and how you can score the jaw-dropping dress you've always wanted to wear!

1. Rent from a shop.

Let's be honest, the dress that you choose to wear on prom night might only be suitable for that type of event. And once prom is over, you won't find many occasions to wear it again, which just makes the gown an extra piece in your closet. That's why to reduce your clothing carbon footprint, just rent one from a shop. There are also online rentals where you can score designer frocks!

2. Have it custom-made.

While you might not like the idea of waiting around before you get your prom dress, this is still the perfect choice if you prefer to wear a dress that you designed yourself. We suggest getting it done at least a month before your prom, so you still have time to have it altered if needed.

3. Go to your fashion designer friend. 

If you have a skilled friend who knows how to make your dream dress turn into reality, then you are one of the blessed ones! You won't only have a hassle-free experience, but you will also be able to help your friend with her craft by paying, marketing, and letting her do what she's passionate about. If you don't have a designer friend, the wonders of social media can surely connect you to student designers!

4. Give Divi a chance.

When you ask your relatives, friends, or even your parents about where they got their prom dresses before, we're sure that most of them would tell you that they bought theirs from Divisoria! Whatever color or style you're looking for, this place could have it! The only disadvantage is that your pick may not be original or exactly the way you want it to look. But this will all become a fun experience once you find your dream prom dress at a lower price!

5. Borrow from a friend or a relative.

If you have a friend or relative who previously went to prom, you can just borrow their dress if you're really not into getting a new one. Of course, this will only work if you have the same style and body shape. If you're lucky, then you won't have to worry about searching for days for the perfect prom dress. Plus, it won't cost you any money! 

6. Order from reliable online stores. 

We're now fortunate enough to buy anything we want online, and that includes prom dresses! The only problem is that you can't try it on, so you won't know if the one you like fits your body shape. One tip is going one size up from your usual size, so if ever they run their sizes smaller, it will fit perfectly on your body! But if they run their sizes bigger, you can just have it altered. 


7. DIY a dress from a thrift shop. 

Finding the perfect prom dress at a thrift shop may sound like an impossible thing. We all know that thrift shopping is always going to be a hit-or-miss experience. But if you did find a cute formal dress there, keep it. Aside from shedding less cash, what's fun about it is that you get to personalize or DIY your prom dress! If you're not skilled at sewing, don't fret, because YouTube is there for you to take some inspo from crafty prom-goers like yourself.

When it comes to looking for your dream dress, it's not only enough to find what you want; you should also be smart about it in terms of budget and sustainability. It's going to be overwhelming, especially on the first day whenyou start searching. But we promise you that once you find the right dress, you'll certainly feel like a princess!

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