6 Lookbook Videos That Will Help You Make Fashionable Choices For School

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 17, 2020


Besides the extra comfiness of our beds in the morinng, one main reason why students tend to always run late in class is the struggle to pick out an outfit. Been there, done that. Planning it the night before doesn't really work when you stayed up late to study and spent the remaining hours to sleep, if you ask us.

If this is also the root of your early morning woes, we're here to help by giving you a list of lookbook videos you can depend on everyday to make fashionable choices every day of the week! Whatever your style is, these stylish vloggers have solutions for you. Go forth and slay!

1. Ashley Garcia

For those of you who love affordable yet fashionable finds, YouTuber Ashley has a guide to make the most out of the pieces you got. She also shares the prices that'll surely stick to your student budget.

Courtesy: Ashley Garcia

2. Ry Velasco

If it's casual ensembles you want to put on to school, then lifestyle vlogger Ry may best suit your needs. She suggests you bring out your basic starter pack which consists of tank top, skirt, track pants, and sneakers. No sweat!

Courtesy: Ry Velasco 

3. Bianca Gan

In this lookbook you can find monochrome-themed outfits for your day-to-day dilemma. Especially if you're not into mix and matching of colors and you live with a strict black-and-white wardrobe, you better check this one out.

Courtesy: Bianca Gan

4. Chelsea Valencia

We usually fear wearing the same clothes, but you can get over it now because, apparently, there are ways for people not to notice it. Chelsea gives tips on how you can experiment with your buttondown shirts and repeat 'em confidently.

Courtesy: Chelsea Valencia

5. Alyanna Ross

For this style star, vintage is the key. You can opt for your (or your family's) statement-making pieces from years back instead of going along with the trends. This is also perfect if you're trying to spend less from your allowance!

Courtesy: alyanna ross

6. Angel Secillano

Filling your wardrobe with up-to-date clothing won't hurt, too. Surely, you are familiar with the cropped cardigan and straight cut jeans trends. They are undeniably chic so we're not going to stop you if you want to give it a try. Just take cues from Angel!

Courtesy: Angel Secillano

By this time, you're just a video away to your next school outfit, and we trust your guts in making the right choices for yourself. And on that note, we think that it's right to expect you to get to class on time and in style, yes?

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