5 Times Kai Showed His Appreciation for Erigoms

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 17, 2020

EXO is known for their special relationship with fans. They pay attention to us and always make sure we're connected from wherever we're from. It's a given that supporting artists like them comes with the struggle of uncertainty: Do they know we exist? Are they aware of the things that we do for them? It ddefinitely proves that being part of a fandom is not easy, but  EXO's love helps us go through it.

While on that subject, we believe it's worth mentioning one of the K-pop group's member who always go out of his way to shower us with appreciation. We're looking right at you, Kai, who beyond giving us the best performances and shoutouts at every award speeches, have truly defined what it means to be an Erigom and EXO-L at the same time: Lucky. It's our turn to return the favor by listing the times you made us feel more loved than ever. Consider this our "Thank You," Kim Jongin:

1. He never shies away from replying to fans on Instagram. Just recently, he had a cute interaction with a seven-year-old fan who called him "oppa" instead of "uncle" considering their age difference. Kai really is the best without even trying.

2. He'll drop everything, even a performance, for us. If you have attended an EXO concert, surely you'll catch Kai stopping at every corner of the arena to wave at fans, read slogans, and stop a fan from crying if he sees one. He's an angel that the world doesn't deserve.

3. For him, a celebration without Erigoms won't be complete. Be it EXO's anniversary, Christmas, or his birthday, Kai makes sure to throw a live broadcast party to blow the candle with us. Count on this to be our annual tradition!

4. Fan letters have a special place in his heart. Despite the mobbing risk and tight security he deals with at airports, Kai still find it in him to get close with fans and accept fan letters. If he only knows what that small gesture means to us.

5. He treasures everything we do. Remember when his Chinese fanclub built an elementary school for underpriveleged children in his name? That was one memorable gift for Kai and his recognition is likewise memorable for Erigoms. Deserved!

Kai, alongside EXO, has been working hard to assure us that we're appreciated. We hope we can give back big time to you one day, boys! For now, please accept our love that keeps growing for you everyday!

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WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


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