#ChalkLovesNewRules: UK Act NEW RULES on Sliding Into Each Other's DMs & Forming a Band

#ChalkLovesNewRules: UK Act NEW RULES on Sliding Into Each Other's DMs & Forming a Band

Mariel Abanes

Posted at February 13, 2020


There’s always room for another boy group in our hearts—especially when its members are composed of good-looking guys with smooth vocals and playful and confident personalities. Remember when everyone was gaga over the Jonas Brothers in the late 2000s? Or when the talk of town was One Direction the decade after? And now that we’re in 2020, we’re introduced to the new faces of boy band pop.
It’s time to give the spotlight to New Rules.

Where It All Began
Fast-rising. It’s a word that encapsulates the success of New Rules, composed of musicians Nathan Lambert, Alec McGarry, and Ryan Meaney. In a span of a year, the trio have gone on quite a number of achievements already. They’ve performed for the tours of artists like Little Mix and Julia Michaels, had their single "Fix Somebody" featured in reality TV show Love Island, released their 4-track EP, and currently headlines a tour in the UK. But before this whirlwind of happenings began for the band, how exactly were they formed?

Pointing fingers to the eldest in the group, Nathan quickly shared how they came about as a band during their talk with “I was in a band before,” the 21-year-old begins. “When my band ended, I wanted to start a new one. I saw a video of Alec, I messaged him on Instagram and asked if he’s interested in making some songs.”

Getting in touch with a stranger typically don’t invite a secured ‘yes’ from the receiver. But scrolling through Nathan’s feed had Alec thinking. “I was like, ‘You know what, risk it,’” he tells himself. We’re in the modern era, after all, and going for your guts instead of playing it safe could just be the sign that one is looking for. 

Ryan came in the group shortly after. When Nathan and Alec started writing songs together, it sounded band-y, as they both described it. So they went out and looked for another member to complete the band—on cyberspace, no less. They found Ryan on YouTube, and after a little bit of convincing, the Ireland native had hopped on a plane to meet the two. The rest, as they say, is history.
The New Rules Sound
When we asked how they knew that they’re playing with the right people, Nathan’s quick wit goes, “Straight away. We kind of just looked at each other’s eyes and [felt] it’s love at first sight!” The three went on a fit of giggles, then returning on serious mode, Alec continues. “Our favorite artist, collectively, is John Mayer. When we all knew that we like him, we’re like, okay, this is good. ‘Cause I couldn’t be in a band with someone who doesn’t like John Mayer!”

This commonality greatly influenced how New Rules create their music. But it’s also in merging their different backgrounds that makes the pop-rock band’s sound unique, which they love to call Tribal Acoustic Mayhem. Injecting traditional elements into more mainstream themes—that’s their form of expression.
The result? A few singles and ,just recently, their self-titled EP. And better news: There’s more coming in the next months. “We’ve been writing lots of songs over the last few weeks,” Ryan shares. “My favorite song [of ours] hasn't been released yet, and it’s coming really soon.”
While we wait for the latest New Rules music, the band indulges fans with their current hit, “Fix Somebody,” which they played during their live shows in their recent visit to the country.

The Next Steps
The boys were here to perform for their Filipino fans, who, they shared, have been asking them to come over for a year now. After their Asia pit stop, it’s time for them to prepare for the bigger stage—to stand before thousands in the crowd of their very own headliner tour in the UK come October. They’ll be sharing the stage with Filipino artist and Kapamilya star Inigo Pascual.

It’s still surreal for the boys of New Rules, whose skyrocketing career has already brought them to places they’d least imagined back when they started. “It’s absolutely crazy. As musicians, our dream is to travel the world and play our music to people. To come to different places like the Philippines, and meet the people, it’s really amazing,” Nathan relates.
This strong start fires up their passion more. As any up-and-comer trying to make it big in the international music scene, hard work is the key to fulfill their goals.
“On our end, we’ll do everything we can on our power to succeed. And a little bit of luck as well. But we’re just going to keep touring, keep releasing music, and keep writing,” Alec adds. “As long as we’re doing stuff that we really believe in, then we’re on the right track.”

We couldn’t end our chat with New Rules without asking them for the tricks up their sleeves, so the trio clued us in on the formula on making it big. The answer? You guessed it—social media.
It’s where they met each other, gained popularity, and communicated with fans who support them in their budding music journey. A single message on Instagram set their careers in motion—proof of how powerful the digital medium can be. “Just put your stuff out there. We’ve got things like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Everybody there’s going to watch if you got the right content. Don’t be afraid of writing music and putting it up online,” Nathan advises.
And no matter how cliche this may sound, New Rules believes that being your most authentic self is still the best way to thrive.

Photographed by Miguel Alomajan
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Grooming by Muriel Vega Perez
Video Produced by Deiniel Cuvin
Video Edited by Play It Forward

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