7 Life Lessons That You Can Only Learn From "Sex Education"

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 13, 2020



Sex Education sparked a certain awakening in us that we never knew we needed. And just when we thought that nothing could get better than all the eight episodes combined, the second season further shattered our expectations of what this series can do to us. While we've already gathered so much learnings on self-discovery in season one, we just felt more connected to the storyline of each character this time around.

The title itself may be self-explanatory as to what you can get out of the show, but it's more than sexual intercourse or diseases as one may expect. Their plotline also taught us about exploring our sexuality, understanding our parents, and dealing with our own traumas. Here's a rundown of the several powerful messages that only Sex Education has given us!

1. Consent is important in all levels of intimacy.

While it's getting intimate with someone should always be consensual, Sex Education made the viewers appreciate its weight even more during the scene where Ola and Otis were making out, and they wouldn't do anything more than that unless they ask and the other gives the go signal. That's how you do it, kids!  















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2. It's okay to talk about sex.

Most of us are still not comfortable talking about sex. And while that's okay, Sex Education gave us a glimpse of what it's like if we let ourselves be educated about it and be more understanding of each other's sexual experiences. Just like in the scene where one of the students got a sexually-transmitted infection, everyone started to panic because they're misinformed. If only they knew how it's transmitted, then friendships and reputations would not have been ruined. 
















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3. Your parents are not perfect.

Since we grew up watching shows that portray parents as perfect human beings, we saw in the series that this is far from the truth. It's true that they are more knowledgeable and experienced, but they are also humans who happen to have emotional and mental conflicts within themselves that they don't know how to deal with. Dr. Jean is the on-point example of this. She had made a lot of mistakes that tested her relationship with Otis, and instead of denying all of this, she apologized for her behavior.
















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4. Sexuality is a spectrum.

From Ola discovering she's pansexual through an online site to Adam accepting that he's attracted to both genders, Sex Education has explored sexuality through their characters more than any show has done. At the same time, they portrayed it in a way that makes it a normal situation, instead of making a grand coming out scene. Sexuality is a spectrum, and, amazingly, we've learned that we can freely discover our own without pressuring ourselves to norms or standards.
















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5. Seek support.

It's easy to make fun of a job that you rarely hear, and this is something that Dr. Jean has experienced during the school orientation. Yet these students who made fun of her are also the same people who asked for her help regarding their sexual problems, and in return defended her to Headmaster Groff. Through Dr. Jean, they became braver in opening up and asking for help. It's not only beneficial for you, but it's also helpful for the people who are going through the same thing as you. 
















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6. You don't have to be sexually active if you don't want to.

The whole premise of Sex Education is the fact that most students in Moordale Secondary School are navigating their sexual lives. However, being sexually active shouldn't be something of a pressure to you just to fit in with your peers. And we learned more about this through Florence's experience after she got the most accurate definition of asexuality from Jean: you're not broken for not wanting to have sex because sex doesn't make us whole. Word, momma!
















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7. Be open to unexpected friendships.

From adorable duos such as Adam & Ola and Jackson & Viv to the newly formed girl squad brought together through detention, finding unexpected and authentic friendships was the most heartfelt aspect of the series. Being open to new connections and discovering more similarities and affection that you never thought possible is one thing that every one of us should explore as we navigate the long and winding road of young adulthood.
















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No other series is as eye-opening and encouraging as Sex Education. The development that the characters have gone through is so relatable that we also started to reevaluate ourselves and how we deal with our inner struggles and relationships with others. And as we wait for the third season to premiere, let us remember these lessons well in becoming the truest version of ourselves. You'll get there soon!

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