This SHS Student Shares Her "Work Immersion" Experience

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 11, 2020


With the changes that have happened in our school curriculum, the youth has gained an advantage in having the knowledge, skills, and experience even before they become a college student through one of the components of the K-12 education curriculum. The program is called "Work Immersion," which provides students the exposure and familiarity with the work environment related to their field. 

From enhancing their competence to developing their communication skills, Work Immersion is shaping students to be ready once they leave their campus. Here, we talked to 18-year-old Senior High School student Alysa Marie Blancada from Malayan Colleges Laguna, who just finished her two-week work immersion at CREOTEC Philippines Inc. to find out what she learned from being "immersed" in the real world!

1. You need to be flexible and resourceful. 

Through Work Immersion, Alysa became more knowledgeable about the fact that work is not only about your skills. "I always thought it was like having a project or thesis where your professor will give you a task to do, and you do it and pass it on time. But I was wrong because having a job is all about being flexible and resourceful. Unlike school, there's no professor will guide you through it every single day, even your supervisor or boss already expects you to be good at the job." 

2. Motivating yourself is key. 

No matter how tired or lazy you feel, this is not enough reason to procrastinate, especially in the workplace. "As a student, there are times whenI don't feel like doing the assignment or project, so I only work on it when the deadline gets closer. It's not a healthy attitude, but I got used to doing it until I started having my work immersion. I realized that to be productive and responsible, I have to learn how to motivate myself." 

3. Being punctual is a must.

As much as it's a bad habit to have, there's still a lot of students who are always late in class and some professors tolerate it. But it's a whole different scenario in the workplace. "My parents taught me to be always punctual, but being influenced by my peers made me late in some occassions. When I started having my Work Immersion, I realized that companies take punctuality seriously. And if you don't go to work on time, your boss will not let you off the hook!"

4. You will be required handle clerical tasks.

It's easy to not give importance to how you handle documents and money because your parents give you allowance and take care of your government-issued papers. But it's best to be knowledgeable about it now, because it's part of adulting. "Gaining information about SSS, NBI clearance, BIR, and taxes is one of the things that I'm truly grateful for in my Work Immersion because at least I don't have to worry about handling it once I graduate. At the same time, I also learned how to handle the allowance my parents give me, so I have enough to use on important things as a student."

5. Confidence can take you far.

It's one thing to be skilled in your field, and it's another thing to be confident about it. Learning how to have both is the key to success in the workplace. "I do admit that I'm one of those students who are shy and timid, even when it comes to the things that I'm skilled at. Before my Work Immersion, I was always afraid to share what I know or show what I got because of fear of rejection and judgment. But I learned that I should be confident and be brave enough to leave my comfort zone. Now, whenever there's something that I know I have the capabilities to do, I volunteer to do it because I won't be able to reach my goals if I always stay in the background." 

In the two weeks that Alysa had her Work Immersion, she gained a lot of knowledge about the workplace that didn't only change her way of thinking as a student, but her life in general. She became more focused on becoming the best version of herself, too! So if you're about to have your work immersion, she wants you to know that it's going to be a bit tiring. There would be moments that you would want to give up or wish for it to be over already, but it's very much beneficial to your journey. Having the chance to prepare for what's to come after graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so use this chance wisely!

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