4 Student Vloggers Who Will Inspire Your Med School Journey

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 12, 2020


Any student would know how hard it is to get into medical school, how much more when you're already in it? It comes with learning the basics of sciences, reading every related textbooks there are, taking in a number of lab classes, doing hospital rotations, passing board exams which all in all will take years to finish. It takes a lot of hardwork, sometimes breaking down, too, but you can still make it fun for sure!

How? There are med students who chose vlogging as their form of diversion from the difficulty of the field. In our perspective, it's also their way of finding satisfaction in it and reminding themselves while they're there in the first place. But you know what's the very best thing they get out of it? Their vlogs serve as a visual manual to others planning to enter med school, and, on top of that, an inspiration to soon-to-be doctors like themselves. If you're on your way to fulfilling your doctorate dreams, better subcribe to these YouTube channels now!

Ana Camille

Third-year medical student Ana tries her best to squeeze vlogging into her daily life. Thanks to her willpower, she's able to share tips on choosing which pre-med course fits one, taking the NMAT (a test requirement to get in med school,) and what you can expect when you finally get in such as stress eating. Yep, that happens IRL.

Courtesy: Ana Camille

Ian Sta. Maria

Just because med school requires you to do a lot, it does not mean that you should drag yourself to stress and forget about your wellbeing. Med student Ian lives with the "work-life balance" mantra. And she'll help you appreciate its importance in her vlogs that not only feature her pre-med internship experience and surviving hell weeks but also self-care points to consider to avoid burnout.

Courtesy: Ian Sta. Maria

Sam Vlogs

Samantha just began her med school journey in 2018, and she still has a long road ahead of her. That means we'll get to see more of her making it through both the fun and hard parts of being a medicine student. Also, she's already a family woman, so how she juggles her roles makes her channel more exciting to subscribe to!

Courtesy: Sam Vlogs


You think she looks familiar because she is. She's Aura Azarcon of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7. She's now a licensed doctor who decided to study again to take another board exams in order to pursue a career abroad. She also recently finished her residency interviews, and how she dealt with all that you can learn in her videos. FYI, she literally does vlogging to motivate aspiring doctors to go after their goals just like her.

Courtesy: DoktAURA

Med school is not always easy to stick with. So when you are in doubt of your capability to overcome its challenges, you can count on these med vloggers to give you a little push to keep you going! Fighting!

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