These 7 iWant Original Films Will Bring on the Kilig This Valentine's Season!

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 12, 2020

Love is in the air this week since Valentine's Day is just days away, but we know some of us don't have enough budget to go all-fancy to show our loved ones how much we adore them. That's why if you're looking for some student-friendly dates, the number one option you have is a rom-com marathon!

Thankfully, iWant has got you covered! From romantic comedies to tear-jerking love stories, these are the best iWant Original Films to watch this Valentine's season! 


1. Wild Little Love (2019)

Rom-com movies will never get old, especially this Valentine's Day. So for a dose of kilig this season, Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin's first movie together entitled Wild Little Love is a nice pick! It's about a thrill-seeking girl named Sam who was transferred to a public school as a punishment and meets Jake, the heartthrob of her new school. This Kadenang Ginto tandem will not only make you kilig, but also laugh with their funny antics together!


2. Silly Red Shoes (2019)

Rising love team Francine Diaz and Kyle Echarri starred in their first film together last year entitled Silly Red Shoes. The story revolves around an amateur shoemaker named Chuck who got paired up with a girl with weird "special" feet named Ashley in a shoemaking contest. While making the perfect pair of shoes, they develop feelings that they didn't intend to have for each other, and there goes the kilig!


3. MOMOL Nights (2019)

The premise of this steamy flick starts with Peng, who believes that sex is a sacred act, was dared by her friends to have a MOMOL (Make Out Make Out Lang) sesh with a stranger named Marco. But the time comes when their MOMOL escapades turn into something more, and that's where the conflict ensues. Starring Kim Molina and Kit Thompson, MOMOL Nights can be best enjoyed while cuddled up with your makeout buddy!


4. S.P.A.R.K. (2019)

S.P.A.R.K. is a teen film starring Grae Fernandez and Andrea Brillantes, which is about the campus prankster Drei, who got sent by his mother to Ilocos after damaging the stalls of a pottery barn. His grandfather then assigns the innocent and sweet probinsyana Beth to teach him the basics of pottery. They hated each other at first, but an irresistible connection blossoms after spending most of their time together. Will they be able to admit their feelings for each other, or will they pretend the spark doesn't exist?


5. Apple Of My Eye (2019)

iWant's V-Day gift for viewers last year was the romantic film Apple Of My Eye starring Marco Gumabao and Krystal Reyes, which is a love story about a girl named Apple who hopes to have a relationship free from technology but finds love in a boy named Michael who highly depends on technology for a living. As we live in the digital age, this flick will surely hit home!


6. Glorious (2018)

If you haven't seen this 2018 hit starring Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca yet, then you're up for a sizzling treat!  Revolving around a 52-year-old woman named Glory who fell in love with a guy who is 30 years younger than her named Niko, they chose to hide their relationship because of social disapproval, but what will they do if someone finds out about it? If you want a film that will spice things up for you and your partner, then this is a must!


7. The Gift (2019)

When a young man named Cocoy who's suffering from Asperger syndrome meets a sheltered woman named Tina who has a congenital heart condition, he started to find love and hope. This film is Nash Aguas and Sharlene San Pedro's comeback project, which got a lot of positive reviews for the stunning performance of NashLene. So if you want to watch something inspiring this season, then this is the film for you!


Whether you're planning to spend Valentine's Day with the love of your life or have the couch all to yourself and your pet, these iWant films will undoubtedly put you in the mood for romance. That's why grab a bucket of popcorn and a tub of ice cream, and get ready to imbibe the mushy spirit of the season!

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