6 OPM Songs to Send to Your Crush This Valentine's Day

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 12, 2020

It's 2020, and your crush still hasn't noticed you. Don't you wish that you could tell them how you feel just in case it goes both ways and they're just waiting for you, too? Perhaps, this is the sign that now is a good time to do that.

Valentine's Day is coming again, and we're rooting for you to slide iton your crush's DMs, because, who knows, this could be your only shot to finally deal with your feelings. If you're still hoping for a chance, take this time of the year as a chance to tell them along with these OPM songs to make the confession easier and more poetic:

1. "Pagtingin" by Ben&Ben
If you're afraid that confessing might change everything between the two of you or worse, ruin what you already have, don't worry because it's only natural. But Ben&Ben says don't beat yourself up with those concealed feelings. It's time to take that risk!

Courtesy: Ben&Ben

2. "Hindi Tayo Pwede" by The Juans

You saw mixed signals that they like you back, and it led you to hold on to false hope. Now, you're feeling regretful for the efforts that you've done. That's okay, but don't wallow in pain and bitterness. Instead, admit to yourself that it's over, and you'll make it through according to the boys of The Juans.

Courtesy: The Juans

3. "Balang Araw" by I Belong to the Zoo

How we wish letting go is as easy as falling for someone. But maybe it's just a matter of bringing those feelings to light. Whether you're simply releasing that burden in your heart or longing to find out how they feel, you can surely work through it with I Belong to the Zoo.

Courtesy: I Belong to the Zoo 

4. "Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-Ibig" by December Avenue

It may be cliche, but it's true that there are people who are willing to wait no matter how long it takes to get their feelings reciprocated. What can they do? It's not as if when you like someone you can get them off your minds in a snap, right? Well, December Avenue can't agree more even if it means forever.

Courtesy: TOWERofDOOM 

5. "Tayo Na Lang Dalawa" by Mayonnaise

You like them, and that's all that matters. What you should do is to make the first move and go for whatever chances you might get. Mayonnaise says that nothing should get in the way of someone who's bold and honest with their feelings. End of conversation.

Courtesy: All Music MYX

6. "Bakit Ba Ikaw" by Michael Pangilinan

Having a crush is risky, especially if they're already taken. You must be prepared to handle seeing them happy with someone who's not you. But news flash: It doesn't mean it can stop you from putting your feelings out there because, after all, true love gives without asking anything in return.

Courtesy: Michael Pangilinan - Topic

They say that some things are better left unsaid, but we believe that it shouldn't include your buried feelings for your crush. Just because you don't know how it will turn out doesn't mean you shouldn't pluck up the courage to take action. You can do it, not next Valentine's Day, but now!

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