5 Bitter Things You Should Let Go of This Valentine's Season

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 09, 2020


With all the hearts and roses sprouting everywhere, it's going to be a struggle to get away from Valentine's season. If you've just gotten out of a long-term relationship, gone through a bad breakup, or been single for a long time now, this might not be your favorite time of the year.

Bitterness can seem like the only thing you're allowed to feel this season, although it doesn't have to be! A lot of people are experiencing appreciating someone and feeling appreciated by someone, and that's something that deserves a celebration. If you want to be able to enjoy, or at least survive Valentine's Day without being a hurtful bummer, here are the bitter things that you should let go of!

1. Bashing couples

If you're spending Valentine's day as a single pringle, it's never right to hate couples who want to celebrate this day in the sweetest way possible. We understand why you would get annoyed and have this desire to insult every happy couple you see, but doing this will just make the day much worse than it already is. Plus, these couples are planning to spoil their partner and make them feel special, so why would you ruin that?  If you're determined to throw an Anti-Valentine's Day, at least make it something beneficial for you like eating out with your friends or pampering yourself! 


2. Wishing your ex to have the worst V-Day

Valentine's season is about giving and receiving love, so sending hate messages (whether you do send it or keep it to yourself) to your ex won't relieve the stress you're feeling from this event. Even if he broke your heart to a million pieces, you're not doing yourself a favor by spending the whole day wishing cupid to break his heart just like how he broke yours. If seeing him happy bothers you, then block him, so you won't have any urge to stalk him for hours and feel upset when you see him all lovey-dovey with his new girlfriend on Valentine's Day.


3. Hating being single

When you see couples celebrating this season full of surprises and sweet messages, it's easy to be a part of the I-hate-being-single club. While you might get all caught up with being jealous over couples, you have to take a step back and ask yourself if you hate being single or you're just feeling this way because other people are making you feel like being alone this season is tragic. Sometimes, it's all just because of Valentine's Day, and once it's over, you'll love being single again. But, remember, if you're not comfortable living the single life, you won't be happy being in a relationship either! 


4. Pressuring yourself to date someone

If you can't handle being single this season and you begin pressuring yourself to be with someone just for the sake of having a date, then you should start realigning your priorities in life now. While there's a lot of couples who celebrate Valentine's Day together, this day isn't only for them. This day is about celebrating love in all forms, even the love you have for your friends or family, so you don't need to spend it with a guy whom you just matched with on Tinder. 


5. Feeling like Valentine's Day as the worst day of your life

Treating it as a bad day, even if before it begins, is one of the unhealthiest things you can do to yourself. You're not obliged to love it as much as people who are in a relationship do, but at least dedicate your time by taking care of yourself or spending it just like any other day on the calendar. When you were young, celebrations like this don't mean much to you. It's just a regular day, except for the heart decorations and candies sold everywhere. If you couldn't care less back then, we're sure you can do the same thing now. 

If you let yourself feel bitter this season, you're just ruining the possibility of you celebrating it with a person someday that loves you wholeheartedly. This holiday that you describe as meaningless might even become your favorite one! Just look at it as the perfect excuse to buy or eat everything you want because, well, you're in a relationship with yourself, after all! 

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