5 Student-Friendly Dates for Valentine's Day

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 07, 2020


Making plans for Valentine's Day sure takes a lot of thoughtful considerations, and we hope that there would be less overthinking for you this year. How? Let's say we trim the issue of "budget" off the list. No more fretting about not being able to afford roses and candlelit dinners - especially if you're a student who still date according to your weekly allowance.

It's possible, believe it or not. Just focus on making this love season's theme more of proving that you and your S.O are very much in love and your relationship is in no way, getting boring. Meaning, you shouldn't feel insecure of other couples loved-up in their fancy celebrations because guaranteed, without being too extra, yours will be as romantically exciting as any. All you need is to follow our the ideas ahead:

1. Visit a museum.

You can consider avoiding crowded dating spots and make a stop at local museums. There is a lot out there - historical, art, even 3D - that doesn't cost a fortune but only education and inspiration. Learning together sounds appealing, right?
















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2. Explore Intramuros.

The Walled City is much more accessible now than ever. Walk tours, kalesa ride, student-friendly foodtrip, a closer look at popular destination sites such as Rizal Shrine, Manila Cathedral, Fort Santiago, and its newly-opened Dungeons for a thrilling date with your lover - this city gem is the perfect date spot!
















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3. Attend a book fair.

Ever thought about sharing a sweet moment while reading and picking out novels with your fellow bookworm beau? It looks like you can make it happen on February 14th when Big Bad Wolf Book Sale returns at the World Trade Center. The sexy smell of open pages is always better than flowers, just saying.
















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4. Take a stroll in the park.

Go back to the roots and bring your beau for a walk in the park. Pack a picnic, hold hands, take seflies, enjoy sorbetes, talk things out. A classic never goes out of style, remember? You can even wait to watch for the sunset (or the sunrise if you may.) And what's the catch? A Valentine's date for the books!
















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5. Have a movie marathon.

If you want to stay in, then settle for everyone's favorite 'Netflix and chill' with pizza and drinks on the side. Get off your phone and your socials and just make the most out of your time from school with whatever choice of genre fits both of your mood!
















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See, there's a way to pull off a great date whether you're on a tight budget or not. And it could even be your most special day together ever. There's no way we're letting you be a bummer this Valentine's, you know. So, what's your pick?

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