5 Things You'll Regret If You Lower Your Standards for a Guy

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 08, 2020


It might be because our friends are all in a relationship or we want to get back to our ex who is happy with his new partner. But most of us tend to blind ourselves by a person's pros and don't pay attention to their cons just because of the pressure we're putting on ourselves. Subconsciously, we're lowering our standards for a guy and settling for something less than we deserve.

Some people might tell you that your standards are too high, but they are talking about expectations, which has a huge difference! Expectations are the superficial things we look for someone, while standards are the personal beliefs about what you need in a relationship. If you continue down the path of settling for less, here's a break down of the things you'll soon regret:

1. You will only blame yourself for being disrespected.

The love life you live for is a reflection of the standards you set for yourself, so disregarding the crappy treatment you get from a guy is like giving him the green light to disrespect your boundaries. And unfortunately, you only have yourself to blame because you're the one who lowered your standards for him.

2. You'll have a hard time seeing your value.

If you're dating someone who doesn't see your value, you're going to struggle loving yourself more, especially if you already have a lot of insecurities in the first place. Before you even decide to be in a relationship, you must make sure you know yourself, your standards, and the things you can and can't tolerate! 

3. You're wasting a lot of time. 

If the reason you're lowering your standards is that you want to get into a relationship already, or you feel like you will never meet someone who will be able to reach your standards, we assure you that you're going to feel a lot worse if you settle now. The problem with settling for a guy who doesn't reach your standards is the fact that you're going to waste a lot of time dating them, instead of using those moments in more important things like nurturing yourself and bumping into the right one! 


4. You're going to feel jealous over your single friends. 

While it's true that jealousy is a bad trait, we can't blame you if you start feeling this way over your single friends after you settle. It's because you'll see them not being treated like total crap and still available to find what's meant for them. You'll always feel a brooding sense of discontentment which will soon make you unhappy with the person who's not really for you.

5. You will feel that something is missing. 

When it comes to settling, you're always going to know if you've made the right decision or not. If you feel happy, then you did. But if you feel lost and confused, then it means that you've just lowered your standards for someone, which sucks. No one ends up being happy over a relationship that makes them feel like something is missing, so make sure the person you end up with is someone that you can give you a sense of security and joy from within.

Everyone's standards are different, but one thing that makes them the same is the fact that they should stick no matter what. While you're still looking for the one that fits you, work on yourself, so when the day comes that you two meet, it will be worth your time and his, too! 

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