5 Times LoiNie Made Us Melt Over Their Long-Lasting Romance!

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 06, 2020

Maintaining a healthy relationship can be a struggle, especially in the showbiz industry where celebrities have millions of people watching their every move. Since their schedule is also always packed, they've become too busy to commit to a relationship. That's why when we see a celebrity couple's relationship still flourishing after quite some time, it makes us believe that if they can make it work, we can, too!

One of the celebrity couples that define #relationshipgoals are Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte, who are dating for three years now without losing their spark! We do believe that 2020 is their year after leading their first movie together entitled James, Pat, and Dave that's about to be released this February 14. To show you how much we adore their relationship, we compiled all the times LoiNie proved their love for each other! 

1. When Ronnie surprised Loisa with flowers on Valentine's Day...

During the press conference of their show The General's Daughter, the couple was asked about their most memorable sweet moment together, which Ronnie stated is their first-ever Valentine's date. We felt kilig with his answer, but Loisa beat it by saying every Valentine's date is memorable for her because she's with Ronnie. As we all remember, LoiNie celebrated Valentine's Day last year with flowers and chocolates. With Valentine's Day just days away, we're excited to see how they're going to celebrate it this year! 

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2. When Loisa didn't leave Ronnie's side during the Vince, Kath, and James promotions...

Loisa and Ronnie are currently busy promoting their new film James, Pat, and Dave, the sequel of the movie Vince, Kath, and James, which Ronnie was also a part of. While the two never expected to work together in the sequel, it seems like the universe already foreshadowed it before. According to Loisa, she was always with Ronnie every time Vince, Kath, and James had a block screening for fans and friends. She would stealthily join him because they hadn't confirmed their relationship to the public yet at that time! Sneaky LoiNie!

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3. When Ronnie surprised Loisa for her 20th birthday...

During Loisa's birthday last year, Ronnie marked her 20th with a romantic birthday surprise! From giving her a bouquet of roses to preparing a candlelit dinner, Ronnie shared a picture on his Instagram with a caption saying that he's not the type of person who plans surprises, but he gladly did it to see his favorite person smile. Of course, Loisa loved the surprise! 

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4. When Loisa said Ronnie completed her...

Loisa and Ronnie have been together for three years, so they already know what works and doesn’t work in their relationship. Although there had been moments when they wanted to give up already, their love for each other surpassed this. Loisa even shared in an interview that Ronnie was the one who helped her be the woman she is today since she doesn't have a father to guide her while growing up. 

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5. When they didn't let the rumors break them apart...

Just like any celebrity couple, Loisa and Ronnie also faced a ton of rumors that tried to break them apart. One of the biggest hoaxes they faced is the accusation that Loisa was having an affair, which Ronnie immediately shut down by saying that she'll never do that to him because she's not like that. After the rumors about their conflict, people saw them being so sweet with each other, which confirmed that their relationship's foundation is stronger than any rumor! 


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Whenever we look at Loisa and Ronnie, we see two young people who bring out the best in each other. And even though there are still people who aren't thrilled with their relationship, seeing them the happiest at each other's side is enough for us to believe that this power couple's relationship is going to last a lifetime!

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