Lessons We Learned from These Empowering Femmes from "Sex Education"

Almira Blancada

Posted at February 06, 2020


The exceptionally relatable teen show Sex Education has premiered its second season last January on Netflix. We have already expected this series to teach us more taboo topics that teenagers are nagivating their way through, but they also addressed several issues involving relationships and stereotypes that we've all experienced growing up.

Every character matured this season, especially the female characters who didn't only give us the most memorable scenes, but also empowered us to become the best version of ourselves in the most unexpected ways. You won't see any female in the series conforming to what society wants them to be, and that's truly something that made us love it more! That's why to show our appreciation, here are all  the lessons we learned from them! 

1. Aimee Gibbs

While we've always enjoyed Aimee's existence in Sex Education due to her quirky wit, we got to know her deeper in season two. On her way to celebrate Maeve's birthday, a man masturbated onto her leg from behind on the bus. After the incident, she started avoiding the bus and felt unsafe around men even her boyfriend Steve. But when she got into detention with the other girls, she opened up about how she truly feels. Aimee's experience paints a painfully perfect picture of how trauma can hit us, which is what we all need especially if we've been in a similar situation. We also can't get enough of the "girls support girls" moment when they all rode the bus with Aimee to make her feel safe again!


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2. Maeve Wiley

​When it comes to the books she reads, Maeve shared that she loves complex female characters—which perfectly defines who she is. She's smart and feisty, but some people think that she's only acting cool to get attention. In season two, she shared a story about the time she got catcalled because of what she's wearing. Instead of changing the way she dresses, she cut it shorter because their opinions don't matter to her. With all the mental and emotional problems she faced growing up without parent to supervise her, Maeve became a wise and independent woman who never lets anyone ruin how she sees herself, even the boys she fell in love with. 

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3. Ola Nyman

Sex Education is all about exploring one's sexuality, and one of the characters who started to discover her sexual orientation is Ola, Otis' love interest at the beginning of the season. But after breaking up with him and developing an attraction towards Lily, she eventually realized that she is pansexual (someone who's attracted to people regardless of their gender.) Ola's character proved to us that sexuality is a spectrum, and we should give ourselves room to explore it and be more accepting of others just as well.

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4. Jean Milburn

Throughout the season, we saw how the students made fun of Jean's way of living as a sex therapist, but when things got out of hand with their sex lives, she has become the first one they go to for advice. While Otis is good at giving sex advice, Jean is more knowledgeable on this area and gave informed pieces of advice. But what we truly loved the most about her character is the fact that she's passionate and proud of her job, no matter how much she gets ridiculed for it. Thanks to her, we didn't only learn more about sex, we also got inspired in continuously doing the best in our chosen career path, even if other people aren't supportive of it! 

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5. Lily Iglehart

When we talk about the person who couldn't care less about her reputation, Lily Iglehart is the first character that pops in our mind! She's creative and bold, and even though people describe her as a weirdo, she didn't care as long as she's doing something that makes her happy. Rather than changing herself for society to accept who she is, she showed them that she's confident with herself, and stepping into her world can be more magical than one could ever imagine. Her out-of-this-world adaptation of Romeo and Juliet just sealed the deal!

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6. Viv Odesanya

One of the new characters introduced in season two is Viv Odesanya, Moordale Secondary School's smartest student and a member of Quiz Heads. She became Jackson's tutor and helped him rehearse lines for the school play. But just like a girl her age, she also had a crush on a boy named Dex. To get his attention, she asked Jackson for help. Although she did get what she wanted, she saw Dex's real personality and dumped him, proving that if a man doesn't see you as an equal, he's not worth your time! 

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7. Maureen Groff

Going through a divorce is not an easy thing to experience, especially if you have a child who still wants you to stay together. And this is the reason that took Maureen years before she decided to divorce her husband, Headmaster Groff, who has taken her for granted. When she finally got the courage to ask for help from Jean, she started to let go of the idea that her husband will change and chose her happiness this time. Through Maureen's decision, we learned that it's not wrong to leave a relationship that doesn't help you grow anymore, even if this means that you will hurt someone you care about. 

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Shows that stereotype female characters still exist, that's why to have a show like Sex Education makes this generation so lucky. These female characters have entirely different personalities from each other, but they all have one thing in common—it's embracing their womanhood and shattering the society's expectations of what a woman should be by being their most authentic selves!

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