Why We're Looking Forward to James Reid & Nancy's Teleserye Team-Up

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 05, 2020

Last year, James Reid and Nancy McDonie of K-pop group Momoland were confirmed to lead a new teleserye together and fans sure have mixed emotions about it. After all, we've only seen James with Nadine Lustre for almost a decade - four of which they officially spent as a couple - and we don't want them touched.

But just this January, JaDine went their separate ways in order to get to know their own selves better, and, with all our might, we do respect their decision. And this new Soulmate venture could be a good start for James, so it's best for us to accept and support it. Just think of the many things we can take away from this new tandem such as the following:

It's a fresh tandem.

Literally, this James and Nancy team-up is new to our eyes (and hearts,) and it could be considered as something of an experiment in Philippine showbiz. For one, it's a rare occurence that a Korean star has worked with a Filipino actor. And second, it's not common for a Filipino actor to pair with someone who's not his "loveteam." Exciting times ahead, indeed!


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They give off a K-drama vibe.

James and Nancy are reportedly playing the characters of Jayson and Binna, respectively. Directed by Antoinette Jadaone, who've worked with James in On The Wings of LoveSoulmate Project is expected to be filmed both in South Korea and the Philippines, and will follow the filming and episode format of K-dramas.


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It's Nancy's acting debut.

It's not a secret that the Momoland singer carries an undeniable beauty with her on stage everytime they perform. The exciting part? She's finally bringing it on screen for her first drama series! We can't wait to see what this K-pop idol can offer us in terms of actingQ Who knows, maybe she'll also sing for its official soundtrack with James? 


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They have that spark.

The upcoming show's producers Project 8 cor San Joaquin and Dreamscape Entertainment have just unveiled the first look at the new onscreen pair. And though James already said no to loveteam names with Nancy because he already got one (unless he's had a complete change of heart now,) there's no denying the chemistry that they have. Take note, these are just photos; what more when the series finally airs?


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At first, of course, we admit that our JaDine hearts were shattered. And, to be honest, we also doubted that James and Nancy together would work. But considering how much we can look forward from them, we think that we're all geared up for Soulmate Project to hit our TV screens!

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