These Style Moments from J-Hope Proves He's the King of Fluid Fashion

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at February 04, 2020

We all stan men with style. So there's no point asking us why we love J-Hope of BTS. Besides being a living sunshine and a multitalented global idol, he's also a man of impressive sartorial choices. We're particularly drawn to how he aesthetically pulls off detail- and color-heavy pieces that may take much effort and or even hesitation for others.

His adventurous taste is obviously trendy, but it's worth taking note that it's getting attention not only for that reason but also for the fact that it, surprisingly, redefines masculinity and breaks the tiring gender stereotypes in clothing. And for that, Jung Hoseok deserves our shoutout. Men can go beyond the jeans and the tough image. Let our hope, your hope, J-Hope show you how in the gallery above!

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WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


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