RICO BLANCO Discovers Real Story Behind OPM Classic "Laklak" By TEETH

Renuel Fallore

Posted at February 04, 2020

After finally revealing the real meaning behind the much-debated-about title of Rivermaya's smash hit "214," Rico Blanco is back with another origin story of a phenomenal OPM song!

Did you know that before becoming one of the most popular songs of Teeth, "Laklak" was actually rejected by the local rock band and was released accidentally?














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On his latest YouTube vlog Korics unraveled fascinating truths about the said hit, which was first heard on the airwaves back in 1995. He went to the house of Teeth, Sandwich, and Pedicab drummer Mike Dizon, who also happens to be the songwriter of "Laklak."
















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In Mike D's very studio, the two musicians showered fans with fun facts about "Laklak," the early days of forming Sandwich, and everything in between.

Interestingly, "Laklak" was Teeth's first attempt at writing a song and no one from the band was initially a songwriter before its release. Vocalist Glen Jacinto came up with the guitar riff and melody of "Laklak" but no words came to mind.

"Na-pressure ako doon sa kwarto ko. Pinapakinggan ko paulit-ulit [yung riff]. Wala akong idea, hindi ako nag-research. Wala pang Google noon ng 'how to write a song.' Wala, e. Wala akong sinundan, walang nag-inspire sa akin," Mike recalled how he finished writing the lyrics without any background on songwriting.

Believe it or not, Mike just wrote from the heart, basing the lyrics on his truest experiences, particularly his desire to drink beer at an early age. Even its epic line from the chorus—"Kabilin-bilinan ng lola, 'wag nang uminom ng serbesa"—was actually inspired by his real grandmother's warning.

The song eventually became the band's first single, albeit accidentally. Mike shared the amazing story of how they submitted the cassette tape of their supposed first single "Falling Apart" to a radio station, which accidentally played its B-side with "Laklak" on it. From then on, they have scored listeners, a record deal, and eventually rose to fame! Their iconic song has been a staple in karaoke bars and has been covered countless times by different bands, just like Mayonnaise. Check out their Studio Sessions cover here:

Watch the full interview in this vlog made with love by our best friend Korics!

Source: Rico Blanco

Rico also gave a hint at the end of this video that he'll be releasing a second part soon. This time around, they'll be talking about another Teeth hit, "Prinsesa."

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