LOOK: 8 Hugot Lines From "I'm Drunk, I Love You"!

LOOK: 8 Hugot Lines From "I'm Drunk, I Love You"!

Christine Guariña

Posted at February 22, 2017

Before you go on reading this, allow us to confirm something: totoo ang chismis. This JP Habac-directed film isn't the typical rom-com you expect to see in cinemas today. But we promise you something. This one is just as great (or even greater) than you would hope it to be ... SWEAR!

For the past seven years, Dio (Paulo Avelino) and Carson (Maja Salvador) have developed a friendship that is known to them alone. The latter has feelings for Dio but he doesn't feel the same way for her. To put it short, it was an unreciprocated love. Or was it? 

For the most part, you will feel heartbroken. But that's not the message of the film. It sends off an empowering note that was mentioned in one of the scenes, quoting one of City of Manila's slogans: "Forward [for]ever. Backward never." Frankly, we think it's beautHiful. Yep, with an H. Right, PatHy?

We went to the premiere night of I'm Drunk, I Love You. and we've listed down the ultimate hugot lines from the film. Check them out below:

BES, 7 YEARS?! Ano 'to law degree? Isang taon na lang graduate ka na!

Barako, para tumapang ka at maipaglaban mo 'yang nararamdaman mo!

Awtsu. Chaperone ka pala eh! Cheka.

Pwede bang I Love You na lang? Mas matatanggap ko pa 'yun eh. CHAAAR.

True, bes. Masakit sa bulsa ang mag-excess baggage. MAHAAAL.

Ika-nga, truth hurts.

Delayed man. Nakapag-marcha pa din.

TIME CHECK: Stop mo na 'yan. Quota ka na!

Watch the trailer below:

Video Courtesy: TBA Studios

Catch I'm Drunk, I Love You. in cinemas while you still can because it's TOTALLY worth it!

Have you seen "I'm Drunk, I Love You"? What's your most favorite line from the film? Tell us in the comments!

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