TAYLOR SWIFT To Debut New Song "Only The Young" Alongside ‘Miss Americana’ Documentary

Camille Santos

Posted at January 22, 2020

It took years of waiting before Taylor Swift decided to be vocal about her political stand. And when she finally did during the United States' 2018 midterm elections, it seems the world—or at least, music fans—was all ears. In fact, a spike in voter registration among the youth was reported following her Instagram post, according to The Washington Post.

And apparently, Taylor is not done yet. According to Variety, the pop star will be releasing "an anthem for millennials who might have come away disillusioned with the political process" which is titled "Only The Young."


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“It was hard to see so many people feel like they had canvassed and done everything and tried so hard," she said of the song's inspiration. "I saw a lot of young people’s hopes dashed. And I found that to be particularly tragic, because young people are the people who feel the worst effects of gun violence, and student loans and trying to figure out how to start their lives and how to pay their bills, and climate change, and are we going to war—all these horrific situations that we find ourselves facing right now."

"Only The Young" will be released alongside Tay's upcoming documentary Miss Americana which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, and will be made available for streaming on Netflix starting January 31.

Although the brand new tune won't be released as a single, she did promise "to keep putting songs out" from her latest album Lover if she can.


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