Twice's MOMO Dates Super Junior's HEECHUL, Writes Letter Of Apology To Fans

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at January 06, 2020

It's no secret that news of Twice's Momo dating Super Junior's Heechul shookt the internet last week, second day of January 2020.
















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And for the first time since then, Momo is breaking her silence by apologizing to fans. "I surprised ONCE as soon as 2020 started, so I truly feel sorry," she wrote in a letter. "To be honest, I contemplated a lot about whether I should write this letter. Whether this letter would hurt ONCE more. Whether not doing anything would be better for ONCE. I was really cautious, but since I’ve always communicated often with ONCE, I wanted to communicate with ONCE in my own way, so I’m writing this letter."

She continued by telling fans that she would never take them for granted despite what happened. "I’m always proud [of ONCE], and you are very precious to me. I don’t know if my words are properly organized, but I hope that at least a little bit of my sincerity towards ONCE will reach you. The year 2020 is just beginning, so health is the No. 1 [priority] for both ONCE and TWICE!

"Everyone will have personal hardships, and there will be annoying or tough things that [will] happen because of us, but I hope that ONCE will experience so many more happy things than tough things. From now on, I want to create more happy memories for ONCE. I’m always sorry, and I’m truly thankful!

"Thank you for reading this long letter even though I’m not very good with words. Happy New Year, ONCE."

Momo loves us so much and nothing else matters.

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