Meet PENN BADGLEY's Singer-Songwriter Wife DOMINO KIRKE

Camille Santos

Posted at January 08, 2020

Perhaps the last thing you've heard about Penn Badgley—before You, that is—was news about his split with girlfriend Zoe Kravitz in 2013. After that, the singer-actor seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth, until he showed up on our screens as stalker-murderer Joe Goldberg. Suddenly, it was like 2007 all over again, a time when nearly all teenage girls and adult women were obsessed with Penn's Gossip Girl character Dan Humphrey.

But we apologize in advance for ruining your fantasies. Our guy here is actually already married. Not to a wack job like Love Quinn, but to an amazing singer-songwriter by the name of Domino Kirke. The couple began dating in 2014, and eventually tied the knot in 2017. Here's what we know about her so far after some stalking:

She is a musician.

She was in a band called Domino for three years, and had collaborations with super producer Mark Ronson. Eventually, she released her debut solo album titled Beyond Waves in 2017. Penn made a cameo appearance in the music video for "Half Blood," a track from the said record.

Courtesy: Domino Kirke

I know you're wondering when Domino and Penn (who is also a musician) will release a collab. Although that seems a little far-fetched at the moment, especially with the actor's busy schedule, a 2017 writeup revealed the couple have actually been "contemplating releasing music as a duo, now that they share a studio and both have time to write."

She comes from a family of musicians and actors.

Domino is the daughter of Simon Kirke, the drummer for rock bands Bad Company and Free, and Lorraine Kirke, an interior designer and store owner of the Geminola boutique in South Hollywood. Meanwhile, her sisters Lola and Jemima are actresses best known for their roles in Gone Girl and Girls, respectively.

She is a labor coach and doula.

If you're not familiar with the term, a doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth, according to WebMD. She co-founded Carriage House Birth, which offers an array of services for pregnant women, after a "traumatic" experience with childbirth.


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She has a son named Cassius.

Before dating and marrying Penn, Domino was with fellow musician Morgan O'Kane with whom she shares her now-ten-year-old son. "I was sort of getting used to being a single mom, maybe a little too used to it," she previously admitted to Hey Mama. "I had a really good thing with my kid and we were like this little team. Penn and I were dating, but it wasn't nearly as serious as it is now, of course. I didn't think marriage was in the cards for us."


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She added, "So I was sort of just chugging along, surviving, and getting through the days, and I think the difference now is that I'm really living."

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