SARAH GERONIMO's "Tala" Songwriter Reveals It Wasn't Originally A Dance Song, Posts Slower Demo

Renuel Fallore

Posted at December 28, 2019

Sarah Geronimo's "Tala" may be a four-year-old song but it has found its well-deserved resurgence, becoming such a cosmic dance anthem during the last quarter of 2019. But did you know it wasn't originally meant to be a dance song?

Permanently stamped into Philippine pop culture, "Tala" has produced countless dance challenge videos, hilarious memes, a catchy fast-food commercial, and even a viral video of a group of volleyball players who danced to it to protest against "Aling Nelia," making it an instant anthem for the LGBTQ community.

The pop star royalty’s star of a single has truly become such a ubiquitous tune. Before December 2019, the official music video of “Tala” directed by Paul Basinillo had less than 15 million views. Probably thanks to Popsters and non-Popsters alike who streamed it during their Christmas parties, the number of views has now spiked to over 22 million! As if that wasn't enough, the song also made it to the Top 10 of Spotify Philippines' Viral 50 Chart on Christmas Day.

With all these massive milestones, I felt an intense amount of curiosity and asked its songwriter how she feels right now amidst all the success “Tala” has been getting. I caught up with singer-songwriter Nica Del Rosario as she comprehensively shared her thoughts regarding the newfound fame and blistering pop culture relevance of “Tala.”














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She admitted she couldn't believe it at first. “Parang it feels surreal, kasi 4 years na since na-release siya, tapos naging hit siya for a while sa Popsters and LGBT community tapos akala ko yun na ‘yon. Then biglang this year bigla ulit siyang nag-explode tapos mas sikat na siya more than ever before,” Nica explained.

The 30-year-old songwriter also acknowledged the role of the LGBT community in the song's success: “I think malaking bagay talaga na in-embrace siya ng LGBT community na parang anthem, and laging pine-perform ng impersonators and pine-play ng DJs sa mga bars. It kept the song alive until this year when it became super viral.”

In a series of tweets, she revealed the real meaning behind “Tala” and yup, contrary to fans' different conspiracy theories, the poetically written song just simply wants to depict that intense feeling about falling for someone with “eyes so bright you can see the stars in them when they shine.”

As our conversation continued, Nica also revealed that she has a penchant for outer space, hence, writing a love song with this kind of theme: “May fascination talaga ako sa mga outer space things and imagery ng gabi, so yun yung lumabas na theme."

But what might shock most fans would be her short backstory about how the song almost didn't end up as a dance song, if not for Sarah's suggestion to the producers. "Yung song actually hindi siya supposed to be a dance song. The original beat was by Emman Sambayan aka Alisson Shore, tapos parang UDD yung tunog. Pero pina-revise nila Sarah para maging dance song na. But All Saints' Day yun so Emman had to go home to the province, so si Bojam (producer) nag take over, and yun na yung beat now," explained Nica.

Wanna hear its original, slower beat? Nica actually tweeted a snippet of her demo to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the song's recording day!

But the revelations do not stop there. Nica added, "['Tala'] rin yung last song na nilagay sa The Great Unknown album, sinabi sa amin ng Viva na kulang pa ng one more song si Sarah, so nagbakasakali kami." As it turned out, that last addition to the 2016 studio album became its carrier single which also won Favorite Music Video and Favorite Song in the MYX Music Awards 2017.

Popsters, just so you know, the songwriter behind Sarah G.'s "Tala" also has a single of her own called "Home To You"! Support Nica Del Rosario by checking out her song below!

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