GUGUDAN Member Sejeong's Cover Of "Above The Time" Gets IU's Approval

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at December 09, 2019

Gugudan's Kim Sejeong just covered "Above The Time" and got the approval of her sunbaenim IU! If that's not winning at life then we don't know what is.
















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IU shared a video of Sejeong singing the said track from her new album Love, Poem in the Korean talk show Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook on Instagram story. "So picturesque," she wrote.

Thanks to the queen Lee Jieun, Sejeong is going through it now. "What on earth did I do in my past life? Did I save the country? Did I unify the three kingdoms? Did I invent contact lenses and fried chicken?" she wrote on her personal IG account. Kilig much, bb girl? Samedt!














나는 전생에 무슨짓을 한거지 나라를 구했나 3국을 통일시켰나 렌즈와 치킨을 개발했나

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