9 Sweetest Song Lyrics From RICO BLANCO

Renuel Fallore

Posted at December 08, 2019

Rico Blanco surely knows how to effectively express those #feels in a song! Over the years, the OPM icon has written some of the most heartfelt lines depicting different states of being in love. Whether you are head over heels for that special someone, just clinging to hope that they like you too, or just thankful that you're in love with the right one, your "bestfriend Korics" has the perfect lyrics for you!

So we listed some of our most favorite lyrics that you can find on Rico Blanco's exceptionally written solo songs! Enjoy checking out the lovely tracks that made it to the list below!

9. "Helpless"

"I didn't expect that I'd be so affected
Every time you look me in the eyes I become so helpless"‚Äč

Courtesy: Rico Blanco

8. "Balisong Transformed"

"You changed the world that I once knew
Transformed and everything, to paradise with you"

Courtesy: Rico Blanco

7. "Nagbabalik"


Ang puso ko, muling iyo"

Courtesy: Rico Blanco

6. "Amats"

"Sa unang ngiti pag-ibig Sa unang sulyap walang hanggang kaligayahan
Sa panaginip akin ka, obvious naman 'di ba
Ang amats ko sa 'yo kakaiba"

Courtesy: Rico Blanco

5. "Wag Mong Aminin"

“Magsinungaling ka please, ‘di ko matitiis
ang mundong ito kung di kita kasama”

Courtesy: Rico Blanco

4. Videoke Queen

"Ang hawak mo ay puso ko, hugis lang ng mikropono
Wag mo akong bitawan ako ay iyong iyo"

3. "Antukin"

"Kukupkupin na lang kita, sorry wala ka ng magagawa
Mahalin mo na lang ako nang sobra-sobra
Para patas naman tayo, ‘di ba"

2. "Sorry Naman"

“Bigla na lang umikot ang aking mundo
Bigla na lang ang puso ko'y naging iyo”

1. "Your Universe"

“You hold me like I'm the one who's precious
I hate to break it to you but it's just the other way around
You can thank your stars all you want
but I'll always be the lucky one”

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Do you want to add to our list? Share your own favorites in the comments!

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