CARELESS Is Now An Independent Record Label!

Renuel Fallore

Posted at December 06, 2019

Careless Music Manila has steadily soared through the landscape of the local music scene with its homegrown talents that are both individually and collectively top tier.

Now at the top of their game, the record label gets rebranded as “Careless” as they set the bar even higher onto the next level as a totally independent record label.

Previously partnered with Viva, the label formed in 2018 is now ready to take solo flight and aims to put Filipino artistry on the map of international music. Redefining the sound of this generation with contagious trap-infested beats, hip-hop sensibilities, and contemporary R&B, Careless made noise and eventually grew into Manila’s most prominent artist collective.

Working with the finest local producers and talents, founders James Reid and Bret Jackson (aka KingwAw) created Careless with the goal of elevating the sound of OPM and tapping the global market, creating music that resonates with the progression of hip-hop culture.

Careless is now set to sign its first batch of artists this month, including four of the OG Careless crew: KingwAw, Curtismith, Massiah, and Astrokidd. Truly, there are lots in store for Careless this coming 2020 that will shake the local scene.

Speaking of going international, it was just announced that James Reid and Curtismith are both set to perform at the Overpass Music Festival, happening at Orange County, California on March 7.

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WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


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