Viral Road Rage Driver Gets An "Ordertaker" Mashup

Brianne Constantino

Posted at December 04, 2019

Pinoys sure have a knack for creating funny content online, most of which come from serious situations which are then turned into memes worthy of a LOL moment.

Another funny clip is making the rounds all over social media. Facebook user Ray Cenicio brilliantly put together a mashup we all didn't see coming. It features the viral road rage driver who was caught on camera hurling profanities at a motorist merged withParokya ni Edgar's "The Ordertaker" and it's downright hysterical! Check it out here but a little disclaimer: it's #NSFW!

And for the real deal, check out PNE and Kamikazee's MYX Mo! 2008 performance of "The Ordertaker" below:

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