Does FRANKI RUSSELL Approve Of "Chanaccs" As FRANKIANA's Fandom Name?

Renuel Fallore

Posted at November 17, 2019

"FRANKIANA GivesBack" trended on Twitter as the supporters of our beautiful MYX Celebrity VJs for November decided to take part in an outreach program to aid the rural community in North Cotabato.

Of course, both Franki Russell and Diana Mackey are truly proud of their fandom's good deeds!

Meanwhile, one Frankiana fan asked Franki if she's really not in favor of the fandom being called 'Chanaccs'. "Ano Franki?? Ikaw nalang kulang. You don't wanna call us Chanaccs? 'cause for you we're cuties pies? Is that it?" the fan tweeted.

It did not take long for Franki to reply "opo kasi narinig ko pangit bata" which Diana found hilarious.

Check out some fans' reactions to Franki's cute response:

The "chanaccs" are unstoppable though as VJsFRANKIANA OnMellowMYX also trended as Franki and Diana take over Mellow MYX from November 17 to 23.

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