MINZY Sends Support To BOM: "You Made Me Very Proud As A 2NE1 Member"

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at October 31, 2019

The Blackjack community is crying with Park Bom right now after she received a message of support from Minzy!

Just before Bom hit the stage for her final Queendom performance, she received a surprise video from friends including 2NE1's maknae. "It's been a long time. Are you surprised, unnie? This is Minzy!" she said. "You're about to do your final stage in Queendom. As I was watching you and your juniors perform, I really miss our 2NE1 days and the fans who have been with us."

"You've been doing well up to here and seeing you emerge by yourself made me very proud as a 2NE1 member. I'm not crying..."

But we are, Minzy! Now we really want a comeback. Who's with us?

How do you feel about this?

Happy 88%
Sad 6%
Laugh 3%
Shock 0%
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WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


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