Here's The Secret To NU Players SHAUN And DAVE ILDEFONSO's Energy-Fueled Plays

Camille Santos

Posted at October 30, 2019

Please excuse us if it sounds like we're fangirling a little too much, but this needs to be said: Shaun Ildefonso, captain of the National University (NU) Bulldogs, reminds us of an Energizer bunny whenever he's on the court. And we have to thank his playlist for that.


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The good news is that the 22-year-old granted MYX access to his personal playlist—the one that gets him pumped for a big match. "Usually, if I’m getting myself hyped, it's really rap or R&B. Lately it’s been any song from Travis Scott, or at least a song that’s featuring him," he tells us. One particular track that is always on his queue is "The London," a Young Thug single featuring Travis and another heavy-hitter J. Cole.

And well, if you aren't that big of a fan of trap music, Shaun said he also listens to Daniel Caesar for relaxation, "only him."

Later on though, Shaun clarifies, "If you ask players, they’ll probably say that their pre-game rituals are basically them listening to music every game. Me, I just listen 'cause I want to listen. Not doing so does not dictate whether I'm gonna have a good game or not."

Meanwhile, Shaun's younger brother Dave Ildefonso, the current main star of the NU basketball program, revealed to MYX that the likes of J. Cole and Indonesian rapper Rich Brian really gets his adrenaline going before a game.

The 19-year-old, however, sneaks in some OPM tracks from time to time to calm himself down. According to him, he likes listening to Itchyworm's "Di Na Muli," This Band's "Kahit Ayaw Mo Na," and anything by Sponge Cola.


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Dave says listening to music takes his mind off things, and gets him to focus on the task at hand. And that's exactly what he and his squad needed when they took on the University of the East Red Warriors earlier today for their last assignment for season 82 of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. Although the Jhocson-based squad came up short, it's safe to say that it was still a great season for the Bulldogs.

Here's the rest of the game schedule for the day:

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