iKON's BOBBY Gives Birthday Shoutout To "Beloved Brother" B.I

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at October 23, 2019

You can take B.I away from the stage but not from his beloved iKON brothers. Especially not from Bobby!
















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Just before the iKON leader's birthday ended on October 22, Bobby gave him a birthday shoutout on Instagram alongside a video of Hanbin's part in "Love Scenario". "I miss you. Happy Birthday," he wrote on the post which was liked by fellow members Donghyuk and Yunhyeong.














보고싶다야 생일축하해

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Bobby also replied to his uncle who mistook Hanbin for him, saying "lol dats my beloved brother". iKON is 7 for Bobby! Guess who's crying?

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