WATCH: EMMA WATSON Prank Interviews A Nanny On TV!

WATCH: EMMA WATSON Prank Interviews A Nanny On TV!

Posted at March 05, 2017

Ever wondered what would it be like to be Emma Watson’s nanny?

Well, the Beauty And The Beast recently held a job interview for a potenial nanny on the hit TV show, Ellen. Unfortunately for the applicant, it was only a prank played on her by both Emma and Ellen DeGeneres. The tv host was in Emma's ear the entire time, dictating what the actress would say.

The job interview got a bit crazy at one point, with Emma throwing a tantrum and flinging her cellphone, causing confusion from the applicant.

This was expected, of  course, especially with Ellen masterminding the whole thing. Emma went from crazy laughing to crying because of an 'owie.' She got to lick a giant lollipop and told the woman that she doesn't need to help her potty. Check out the hilarious clip below:

Video courtesy: TheEllenShow

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